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Did you know you have the option to choose your energy source?

Many people feel they have no alternative but to live at the mercy of utility companies and soaring monthly bills. Amanda Finney, the owner of Neighborhood Solar, set the record straight. According to her, there are alternatives and they can be custom designed to fit you and your family’s needs.

“Why rent energy,” she asked, “when you can pay less to own an energy-producing asset? Energy independence, along with helping the environment, are just the cherries on top!”

Neighborhood Solar’s model is unique and a huge benefit to its customers. What sets the company apart is they operate as a solar brokerage. This means that they don’t work for one company but, instead, on behalf of their customers. “We provide our clients with the best energy solutions to fit their needs,” Amanda emphasized, “because everyone is different.”

Neighborhood Solar’s goal is to identify and analyze those needs and then formulate the most cost-effective solution. This targeted model makes Amanda confident the price per kilowatt she quotes is the best in the industry for their people.  Operating as a brokerage also has many other benefits. She states, “We shop multiple solar providers to find the best price, product, and warranties. This is our competitive edge in the market, and it simultaneously allows us to contribute to the community.”

Neighborhood Solar was designed with the customer in mind. Amanda and her husband, Mike, spent countless hours and years working behind the scenes to launch a business that gave their customers the best possible solar solution, supported by the vision to bring sustainable energy to every Texas neighborhood. The fundamental motivation for their hard work comes from their two sons, who are three and 1 ½-years-old. What they’re building is an affordable, sustainable future for them.

“We offer both residential and commercial, giving home and business owners multiple options when choosing an energy source,” Amanda explained. “We know the rising cost of energy is a real challenge that many families face today. We have customers forced to choose between paying their energy or their water bills from month to month. Our company’s mission is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to see if solar is a good fit for their family or business.”

The popularity of solar is growing in Texas due to rising energy costs, population growth, and the overall expanding demand for energy. Ultimately, these combined elements create a larger strain on the electrical grid. Texans are left with high energy bills and the threat of rolling blackouts.

Neighborhood Solar goes through a deep analysis to ensure the best custom solution. They pull together energy bills, the system size needed, the utility provider’s policies, product capability, and informative conversations with the client. Nothing is based on a guess because, first and foremost, Neighborhood Solar is providing solutions and not just solar. They monitor utility trends in specific areas and do all the intensive research, price bidding, and planning for their customers for full, turnkey solutions, allowing a seamless transition process.

Staying connected in the community is important to Amanda and Mike and their business. As members of the Justin Rotary, they enjoy participating in community clean-up days and fundraising for local nonprofit organizations. They shop at small businesses and eat at local “mom and pop” restaurants. They are also members of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, and multiple networking groups in Flower Mound and Fort Worth, and enjoy extensive outreach within the DFW metroplex.

“One of our missions is to give back to the community,” Amanda said. “We make our work fun and we like to do things like throw “launch parties” for new residential customers, with everything geared around a fun community event for the whole family. We set up a bounce house for the kids, cornhole, food, and play good music. We also partner with Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) to help them in projects such as building community parks.”

Neighborhood Solar hopes to educate communities across Texas on why choosing their own energy source is important. “Imagine if we walked up to you at the gas station three years ago and asked if you would like to lock in your gasoline price at $1.95 per gallon,” Amanda said. “Solar works the same way. We can lock in a lower monthly payment, hedging your bets against future energy increases and fluctuating prices. That’s a huge relief.”

Amanda believes sustainable energy is the way of the future. So, when you’re ready, let Neighborhood Solar do all the work for you.


Neighborhood Solar

Amanda and Mike Finney



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