Stage Your Home on a Low or No Budget

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The Art of Staging Your Home Using What You Own

In the profession of staging, we refer to the art of using what you own to stage your home as “Occupied Staging”. It also indicates that the home seller is continuing to live in the property while selling. Beautiful transformations can be made when the home seller has a “little to no” budget and needs a stager to transform each space simply using what they own, buying or renting out a few KEY accessories, and that’s it! Staging your home creatively using what you have is an art form that POSH HS&R specializes in. Bringing in a professional is key to accomplishing a beautifully staged home that exemplifies symmetry, scale, proportion, and rhythm.

A Few Keys to Staging Your Home on a Budget

There are some homes where a stager has a lot to work with and can do wonders without breaking the bank. In the absence of bringing in any inventory or staging furniture to make HUGE changes in each room, below are a few keys to staging on a low budget for any home seller:

  • Cosmetically update the home yourself (no crazy paint colors, dated floors, etc..)
  • Utilize newer, nice furnishings that have been acquired in the last ten years
  • Be willing to put in the work — do the decluttering and packing
  • Create symmetry and rhythm in your Owner’s Suite and key living spaces
  • Add pleasing simple vignettes to countertops, coffee tables, and dressers
  • Be willing to invest in KEY modern and updated accessories that make a HUGE difference in the styling details of your home. Details matter.
  • Most importantly, hire a professional who does this all day and has the extreme expertise and objectivity to see the potential in the space and make a plan.

Quick Note to Home Sellers Thinking About Staging Your Home Yourself…

If you’re a home seller wondering if you should stage your home yourself and/or are worried about expensive staging costs, invest in a Certified Professional Stager — they know how to work with your budget to help you make more profit on your home and can look at your home objectively, this is key. Recent studies from RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) show that home sellers are seeing a $7 return on every $1 dollar spent on home staging. Staging matters!

POSH Home Staging & Redesign is an HSR Certified Home Staging and Redesign firm. Additionally, we are Certified in eDesign Home Styling and Planning, and offer Commercial Services as well.

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