Fighting Fire With Fundraising

Going beyond the uniform to better support first responders, their families, and the community.

Firefighter, paramedic, and Flower Mound Firefighters Foundation founder Bret Taylor says giving back to the town he grew up in is a dream come true.

“The house I grew up in backed up to Kirkpatrick on the Lewisville side, and spent about half my time in Flower Mound. I am very fortunate to have many friends and family living in Flower Mound. I love that I get to make a difference in the community I’ve grown up in. It’s great that friends I’ve known my whole life live here, and I get to show their kids around the fire station or the fire engine. It’s definitely a cool feeling.”

Flower Mound Firefighters Foundation is a nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated first responders of Flower Mound. “Being able to make a difference in someone’s life on their worst day is why we do this job,” said Bret.

This is his fifth year on the Flower Mound Firefighters squad. Still, his interest in becoming a first responder dates back to his previous career in the mortgage industry, but he knew his passion lay elsewhere.

“Before I became a firefighter, I worked at Parkmont Lending in Highland Village for a guy named Sean Varin. We worked with many first responders, and I always admired what they did. Whether Sean knows it or not, giving me that job as a single father of two boys was lifesaving. And Sean was still very supportive of me pursuing my dream”.

Before FMFF became a reality, Bret and future president Tim Macking would bounce ideas off one another during their shift changes. By the summer of 2020, FMFF officially became a 501c3 nonprofit, affording the ability to do more regarding fundraising and charity work. Bret also credits Barrett Brooks and Greg Jungman for making FMFF possible, as they dedicated their hearts to volunteering in its very early stages.

“I certainly have a deeper appreciation for the people who run nonprofits,” Bret explained while touching on the importance of teamwork, “There’s a lot more to it than I realized, but it makes all the difference whe you have people, like Barrett and Greg, that are just as passionate about it”.

Without this foundation, the Flower Mound Fire Department would not be able to extend its support to areas not generally within the average fire department’s reach, such as The Wade Cannon Memorial Scholarship. “FMFF established this scholarship to preserve our brother firefighter’s legacy, which will help put young men and women through fire and EMT school,”
Bret said, “We want to give them a start in the world we are so privileged to be a part of”. Wade Cannon passed away this past October following his battle with colon cancer. He was only 31, but is widely remembered as an educator who was passionate about the importance of fire safety and spreading awareness of cancer screenings for young adults.

Bret also expressed his gratitude for Winning The Fight, Michaels Memories, and the Brent Lewis Foundation, three other nonprofits that stepped in to support Wade before he passed away. FMFF looks forward to carrying on their relationships in the future. “We enjoy helping people. It’s what we do,” said Bret, “That being said, there are a lot of times we wish we could do more after the calls we go on.” There is much more to come, too. This year, Flower Mound Firefighters Foundation is excited to work more with community members and businesses to make a city-wide impact. Plans for a golf tournament fundraiser are currently in the works, which will be held in the Spring. Be sure to check FMFF’s Facebook page and website for additional updates and event information.

“We want people to know that what we do truly comes from the heart. Thank you so much to all the people who have already supported our cause. Every dollar that is donated is given back. I would also like to thank Chief Henley and the fire department for being so supportive of what we’re doing”.

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