Sheriff’s Corner – Congratulations to the 2022 High School Graduates!

Denton County Sheriff’s Office

The school year is coming to an end and many students will be graduating with their high school diplomas. Choosing a career path can be challenging. Some graduates will want to go on to pursue a college degree and some will attend a trade school. Denton County Sheriff’s Office wants to encourage high school graduates that may be interested in a career in law enforcement to apply with our agency. Once hired, we have in-house training for TCOLE certification as a jailer. We offer competitive pay and benefits along with specialized training to help with career advancement. We are hiring 18 years of age and older with a high school diploma or GED. DCSO currently employs more than 50 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

Reasons to consider a career in law enforcement:
You desire to make a meaningful impact – Law enforcement officers are motivated by helping keep others safe.
You want a stable salary – Our Officers make a competitive salary with increases for experience and education. We also offer a great retirement plan, insurance, and other benefits.
You want a job that isn’t boring – No two days are ever the same for a law enforcement officer. Officers do not sit behind a desk all day, there is a wide variety in their day.
You seek a career that will make you proud – For the most part, the public holds much respect for law enforcement officers. There are very few careers if any that make families and friends more proud.

To get your career in Law Enforcement started visit our website to apply.

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