The Power Team

Have you ever thought to combine amazing feats of strength with a life-changing experience? That’s what Todd Keene and The Power Team are all about. The Power Team is a group of Christian athletes that travel to schools and churches all over the United States to perform amazing acts of strength and talk to their audience about ways to better their life either through school-related issues such as bullying and drugs or through the word of Jesus Christ. These acts of strength can range from ripping entire phone books in half to breaking through thick layers of ice and concrete.

Most of the members of The Power Team are made up of ex-professional athletes. “When guys stop playing their sport, they miss the lifestyle and the camaraderie that comes with being a part of a team. With this, they get the same vibe. They travel and they get to be a part of a team,” Todd explained. 

However, not just anyone can sign up to become a member of this amazing and on-fire team. There are specific requirements that each person must meet in order to represent this incredible nonprofit. The most obvious requirement is being athletic. They also need to be willing to travel and be gone for weeks at a time, be good at public speaking, as well as be a Christian. “The acts that we perform come with injuries. They need to be willing to face the danger of this group,” Todd added. 

This group has proven its success time and time again. It’s why they’ve been able to perform for over 45 years. But The Power Team was no stranger to the struggles that many of us faced during the recent pandemic. “When we travel to schools and churches, we try to pack as many people into the room as we can. We almost pack them in like sardines,” Todd joked. “When we travel to churches, we try to encourage the whole community to come and watch, not just the church congregation.” But when COVID hit, that stopped being possible. Large groups weren’t gathering together and The Power Team’s performances weren’t ideal for a global pandemic. Because of this, many team members were forced to go out and find other jobs to feed their families. 

As time has moved forward, Todd and The Power Team have started to see signs of life and progress when it comes to their passion for sharing their life-changing messages with the public. “Instead of churches having us come out and perform for five days, they’re willing to have us come and perform for one night,” Todd explained. It may not be much right now, but it’s a start in the right direction for Todd and his team.

The Power Team is ready, anxious, and willing to serve the communities of our great country by spreading kindness and awareness to the eager minds of students, as well as the goodness and mercy of God’s love to the community and church congregations. They would love for you to visit their website and schedule an event. The Power Team experience is something truly life-changing and special. You’re sure to never forget it. 

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