Young Harvest Resident Stars in a Movie

It can be notoriously difficult to break into the film industry, especially for someone who doesn’t have any background or connection to acting. But for Kace Winfield, the dream did come to life quite early.
11-year-old Harvest neighbor has made us proud as he officially entered Hollywood through Granger Smith’s new movie called “Moonrise.” Kace recently spent about a month with the crew members and fellow actors shooting for his role in Blanco, Texas. Moonrise is said to be released by the end of this year. “The movie is about a country singer who lost his wife and struggles to find purpose, redemption, forgiveness, embrace fatherhood, faith, and ultimately the ability to love again,” Granger Smith wrote on his Instagram.
Getting to work with such a big star in the debut movie was a wonder to behold. “Granger Smith is really cool, he taught me some guitar lessons,” Kace said of the country music singer-songwriter. “I was excited about the fact that this movie is also his debut film.”
Kace was just five when he first expressed interest in becoming an actor. His parents always supported and encouraged him to chase his dream. When Kace joined Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film in June 2021, the journey began. “When I went to Cathryn Sullivan’s institute for my first seminar, I finally got to perform my script that I had worked on in front of several agents. Seeing and hearing their positive reactions felt awesome. Right then, I knew acting was my thing, and that’s what I told my parents,” Kace recalls.
“More than fun, there’s a lot of hard work that this industry demands,” he further shared. “As I continued, receiving feedback and criticism from teachers and coaches was not easy, but I knew that would only better me as an actor.”
Balancing the school responsibilities, acting classes, and shooting schedules was challenging, but Kace left no stone unturned to handle everything as required. “Kace is a disciplined and focused guy, he knows how to handle things perfectly,” Harvest Lifestyle Manager Page Austin mentioned. “I recently met him and I was surprised by his maturity,” she added.
Back to “Moonrise.” How the Argyle Intermediate School guy landed in this film is an exciting story. When Kace learned professional acting, his parents enrolled him in an acting seminar. Two agencies showed interest in Kace for his outstanding performance. Soon, an agent officially signed him. The agent helped Kace with finding auditions. Registering for several auditions, preparing for the roles, and not getting responses was a little frustrating, but Kace didn’t lose hope. “I accepted everything as a part of the process, and that’s how we learn and grow,” he shared.
For the role in Moonrise, Kace surprisingly received a response less than two weeks after the audition. When he got one more call with the confirmation that he was selected for the role, it was a surreal moment. Just in three days, he began the shooting.
The family’s unconditional support and encouragement have helped this budding star follow his passion.
“Go big or go home; that’s the spirit Kace has,” dad expressed his confidence in his son. Mom Shyloh can’t wait to see her boy shining bright on screens with many more projects! “He is made for this,” she smiles in joy.
Playing a comedy superhero is Kace’s dream role. “I want to have as much fun as possible playing different family-friendly roles,” he mentioned. What motivates him in acting? “Getting to play characters other than myself and meeting new people in the acting industry” is his answer.
When he is not caught up with school assignments and reading scripts, Kace is seen enjoying video games, playing football & hanging out with family and friends. Not to forget, Kace is equally talented in singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

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