Historical Fun Facts About Argyle, Texas

Argyle has become a community that is held near and dear to its resident’s hearts, and for good reason. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Argyle, Texas. At Murray Media, we understand the passion for this community and we wanted to contribute to that by presenting a few fun little historical facts about Argyle for all of its citizens to enjoy.

Fact #1
Did you know that as of the 2019 census, the population of Argyle is 4,112? That’s quite a bit of growth from its original population count of 148.

Fact #2
The community of Argyle was officially founded in the year 1881. It came to be when the Texas and Pacific railroad built a track through the area.

Fact #3
The first school in Argyle was built in 1875. However, in the year 1885, they built a new school. It was a two-story brick building. It was extremely beneficial to the residents of the community which, at the time of the building of the school, was 238.

Fact #4
The first bank in Argyle was brought into the community in 1906. It was a small brick building that was home to a drug store placed in the front.

Fact #5
Were you aware that the City of Argyle is made up of 11.4 square miles of land and .4% of the area is made up of water?

Fact #6
The community of Argyle actually got its name from a railroad surveyor. He named the community after a garden located in France.

Fact #7
In 1876, the community of Argyle founded its first Baptist church for the residents to gather and worship.

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