ROOT Periodontal Now Saving Teeth in Argyle

ROOT Periodontal

Dr. Amit M. Patel believes dentistry is partially heading in the wrong direction by focusing too quickly on removing and replacing teeth with dental implants. He prefers saving them, if possible, which he and his colleagues do daily at ROOT Periodontal and Implant Centers.

Originally established in 2013, ROOT now has seven Dallas-Fort Worth locations, including its newest office, which opened in Argyle this past November. That means residents previously driving to the Denton, Flower Mound, or Keller offices can simply stop by 100 Country Club Road, Suite 104, to receive their treatments. “We want to make sure that the community knows there are other options to save their teeth,” said Dr. Patel, who is joined by Dr. Youstina Mikhail in Argyle.  

Those techniques include Perioscopy and laser gum surgeries called LANAP and LAPIP. The Perioscopy is a miniature microscope placed below the gums that allows the dental hygienist to see calculus and tartar that they would otherwise not be able to see and clean. Dr. Patel said his practice is among a handful in DFW with this technology. LANAP — Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure — uses a special dental laser to regenerate bone and tissue lost from advanced gum disease. LAPIP, short for Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Protocol, treats dental implants with inflammation and/or bone loss.

“All of our [six] doctors go through a one-year, rigorous program in California in order to be certified in LANAP,” Dr. Patel said. “Not anyone can just provide this treatment option.” When teeth cannot be saved, ROOT specializes in dental implants that can replace one or more teeth. ROOT also does cosmetic procedures, gum grafting for gum recession, bone grafting, and dental cleanings.

ROOT prides itself on a conservative, minimally invasive treatment approach. To put patients’ minds at ease, ROOT also offers IV and oral sedation options. “We want to make sure our patients feel they are part of our family and trust us,” Dr. Patel said. Be sure to visit the new Argyle location to meet Drs. Patel and Mikhail!

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