Embarking on the Dental Frontier with Laser Dentistry

Country Lakes Family Dental

Time and again we look at science fiction of the past and watch it become reality. What was once considered a comic book theme has manifested into reality, from space travel and talking watches to 3D printing and digital computation. As we continue to progress with technology, the practice of medicine has become an active participant in the development of advanced procedures. The latest technological frontier in dental care is that of laser dentistry. Moving at the speed of light, the applications of laser dentistry are numerous.

The uses of lasers are as various as the types of lasers. Diode lasers, CO2, erbium, and so on are just a few of the various laser varieties that all act with different functions providing multiple approaches to dental treatment. While some lasers utilize heat to aid in tissue surgeries and hemostasis, other types utilize water interactions that allow treatment of hard tissue. The ability to adjust the intensity and power of the laser also allows the ability to treat at different speeds and/or different area sizes.

When it comes to soft tissue, lasers can remove excess gum tissue or remove foreign lesions for biopsy purposes. Lasers especially aid in the quick removal of tongue or lip ties. One of the advantages of lasers is not only the control of the procedure but faster healing time. In addition, lasers often help accelerate the healing process of recurring oral lesions like canker sores or herpetic lesions like cold sores.

Hard tissue treatment thru lasers can help with procedures like bone contouring for smile design or removal for extractions. Hard tissue lasers are especially beneficial for filling procedures, often in a way that does not require anesthesia, creating a more comfortable experience for children and adults.

Dental practices that incorporate multiple dental lasers not only serve their patients at a high level of care but also aid in the continued advancement of healthcare. If you have questions about laser dentistry, ask your dentist how it can benefit you. Happy smiling.


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