Proposed Harvest Town Center

The growth of a community or a town as a whole can be a very exciting time for its local residents. Even though these changes can be exciting, there are usually concerns that come with big changes. This holds true for the community of Harvest in Argyle with the new proposed Harvest Town Center. Because of these questions, concerns, and excitements the developers of Harvest, Hillwood Development Company, have made it a priority to answer any questions the residents may have to put their minds at ease.

On January 26, Hillwood Development Company hosted a community meeting to provide and discuss information with the local residents on the proposed Harvest Town Center. The staff of the town of Argyle has already begun the process of reviewing the proposed plan for the evolving development.

Included in the new proposed Harvest Town Center will be a grocery store that has yet to be named, apartments, along with
commercial property.

To make this new development possible, the Town of Argyle will be widening FM 407 into a divided two-lane highway going in each direction beginning in Argyle and expanding
to Northlake.

Hillwood Development Company’s community meeting was held at Argyle Middle School. The meeting was run by the town staff of Argyle and representatives of Hillwood Development Company. The representatives of Hillwood Development Company answered any and all questions that attendees had about the new proposed development.

With this new and exciting proposal comes great growth for, not only the community of Harvest but also the entire town of Argyle. As the proposal of the Harvest Town Center continues to grow, Hillwood Development Company and the staff of the Town of Argyle will continue to make the questions and concerns of its residents a priority.

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