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Give Glen Smith 15 seconds and he’ll humbly spell out a lengthy list of goals he and his team at GDS Wealth Management in Flower Mound have for themselves and their clients. Some are for the upcoming year, and others are for ten years down the road. Either way, they’re specific, measurable, and have a whole lot of zeros tacked on at the end.

Reaching such lofty numbers might force some people to think twice. Even Glen, with his unmistakably responsible and ever-cautious nature in tow, occasionally wonders to himself, “are you sure?”

But things tend to work out when you have a strong foundation of success and a watchful eye on what matters most to clients.

“Fingers crossed, of course. It’s humbling, but it’s also a big responsibility,” he said, adding that his team’s goal for the end of 2023 is to manage $1 billion in client assets. He’d like to hit $10 billion in the next decade. “One of the reasons we continue to grow is because clients expect more from their financial planner, and we are always thinking about what’s next for them. How can we make their life easier? What sophisticated planning can we do? Your relationship needs to be in-depth and diverse.”

Not to sound cliche, but the proof is in the pudding. GDS Wealth Management’s retention rate over the past five years is 99.9%. They are also currently ranked No. 13 by Forbes SHOOK for Best-in-State Wealth Advisors for 2022 — a distinction they’ve held for the past four years. They have developed a unique culture with young, innovative financial planners and are an approved NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor, allowing them to help current and former NFL players with their financial needs.

Leading that charge is Glen, the managing partner for GDS Wealth Management, formerly Glen D. Smith & Associates, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). For nearly 20 years, Glen has combined his passion for number crunching with helping people responsibly build wealth through long-term planning, methodical decision-making, and personalized service. He’s the go-to advocate for high net-worth clients who need guidance, with everything from investment management and retirement planning to estate planning, trust services, and more.

Beyond dollars and cents, GDS routinely hosts client events. These include small cooking classes, wine tastings, and larger events with guest appearances from the Eli Young Band, inspirational speakers, and Grammy award winners.

“You can know numbers, but clients also deserve and expect that human touch,” Glen said. “That makes all the difference.”

Outside of the office, Glen is just like everyone else. He and his wife, Gisella, live in Flower Mound and try their best to raise two beautiful children, Nathalia and Lucas. Born in California, Glen grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where his parents are still career missionaries. He and Gisella met when they were eight years old, and they attend RockPointe Church in Flower Mound.

That commitment to his family, team, and clients, and being able to adapt to any situation, is a breath of fresh air in today’s environment, where it can be challenging to remember what personal service should feel like. GDS believes its strong client partnerships are made possible by combining the knowledgeable guidance and expertise they need with consistent and tailored service. Clients deserve to rest assured that their best interests always come first.

“When I’m getting to know my clients for the first time, I love asking questions like, ‘What does money mean to you?’ and ‘What was money like for you growing up?’

They may wonder what this has to do with managing their money, but in my mind, it helps me understand where they’re coming from,” Glen said. “Some people are super conservative, and others are not.”

With that dedicated mindset, hitting many of those lofty goals might not be hard to attain after all.

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