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My Girl Scout Gold Award Project – The Corinth Dog Park

The City of Corinth did not have a safe place for dogs to play and exercise off-leash. Many people have small backyards or live in apartments without backyards. The City was in the process of adopting a new Open Space Master Plan and had polled the community about additions they would like to see. Based on their poll, a dog park was not a desirable addition to the City. However, when conducting my own poll and research, a dog park was something many people wanted.

Dogs provide companionship, unconditional love, and emotional support. There are over 470 million pet dogs worldwide, with 48 million of them in the United States alone. During the pandemic, dog ownership increased by 11%. Like most dog owners, my dog is part of my family, and her health and happiness are a priority for me. Dog parks have grown in popularity because they solve this problem. Dog parks provide a safe space for dogs to play and exercise. They also provide a place for learning important skills such as socialization and communication. Dogs are able to meet unfamiliar dogs on a regular basis, which is great for physical and mental stimulation.

In August 2020, I researched the 14 existing parks within the city, focusing on parks with preexisting lighting, parking, and irrigation. Once I had a plan for my project, I requested a meeting with the Corinth City Manager to propose my idea. He invited me to present at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting in September of 2020, and was successful in getting a dog park added to the City’s Master Plan. After that, I presented at the Corinth City Council meeting, where my project was voted on by the community and approved by the board.

To raise money for fencing, waste stations, and fountains, I established a Go Fund Me campaign which raised nearly $10,000. I presented my idea to many local clubs and businesses and secured six bench sponsorships at $1,000 each. I also held a brick donation fundraiser, which raised an additional $5,000. In order to publicize and raise awareness for my project, I reached out to local magazines and newspapers. I was featured in an article in the Lake Cities Living Magazine, where I shared about being a Girl Scout and my Gold Award Project. I built a webpage linked to the City’s website and a Facebook page. I also participated in a podcast for Let’s Talk Corinth with my Project Advisor. We shared about my project and gave an update on our progress.

Throughout the entire process, I met with the Park’s Board monthly to collaborate on the park amenities, vendors, and fundraising. I provided updates to the community via Facebook and the City’s website. I volunteered over 130 hours researching, communicating with vendors, seeking bids, and procuring donations. My project has

benefited the 23,174 residents of Corinth by providing a safe place for dog owners to unleash their dogs as well as promoting outdoor activities and exercise for both dogs and their owners.

About Me:

I am passionate about helping others, especially children. I graduated from Ryan High School in Denton ISD this year and will attend Texas A&M University, in College Station, in the fall. I am majoring in psychology and plan to pursue a career as a child psychologist. I was recently selected to receive the GSUSA Gold Award Scholarship, by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Council, in the amount of $10,000 as well as the Betty Richardson Scholarship in the amount of $2,000. I am grateful to the Girl Scouts for choosing me and believing in my future!

Dog Park Grand Opening Information:

Name – “Corinth Unleashed – The Bark Park”

Grand Opening – Saturday, August 5, 2023, 9am-11am at the Corinth Community Soccer Complex



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