Skills, Intellect, and Altruism

Argyle ISD

We at Murray Media are happy to announce the candidacy of Leigh Ann Artho for Argyle ISD Board of Trustees Place 2! She is a woman of faith, a wife of a veteran, and a mother of nine children! Together with her experience, involvement, and education, her credentials are unmatched when considering the role of a school board trustee.

Leigh Ann is a native North Texan and a graduate of Muenster High School. She attended Texas A&M University, receiving a degree in Biology and a minor in Business. Graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, she was in the top 6 students in the College of Science. Upon graduation, she was accepted to Baylor College of Dentistry on scholarship. Upon the discovery of expecting her first child, Leigh Ann made the decision to postpone her professional aspirations to focus on motherhood. She spent her time following as acting as a personal assistant in research for a prestigious Dallas periodontist, who wrote the textbook for his field of discipline and was editor in chief for an international multidisciplinary dental journal. With the arrival of her children, Leigh Ann began to serve her family at home, supporting her husband Matt in concluding a career in the dental field while, at the same time, committing to the military.

Upon completing school in 2012, the Arthos discovered the wonderful community in Argyle. The high standards of excellence in education and extracurriculars, as well as the parental involvement and loving staff, made Argyle a natural fit. Together they support and volunteer for the Argyle Booster Club, Argyle Band Boosters, Argyle Education Foundation, Argyle Nights, Watch DOGS, PTAs, Project Graduation, and various school committees and events. Leigh Ann also contributes to local charitable organizations including National Charity League, Ranch Hands Rescue, Bob’s House of Hope, Giving Grace, Young Life, and Mission Moms. She is familiar face at the school campuses and a reliable advocate in times of need.

Along with her charitable involvement, Leigh Ann has built a credible rapport with staff and teachers, currently having students in elementary, middle school, high school, and an Argyle graduate where they have participated in athletics, band, theatre, and various school organizations.

At the heart of her campaign is the students. As Argyle continues to face the challenges of growth, Leigh Ann portrays her window of vision as more than the immediate future.

“We have children and teachers in our classrooms right now that are facing hardships that come with growth. We must facilitate the continuity within our schools to elevate the day-to-day experiences of our families and staff members.”

She also discusses the importance of maintaining Argyle’s historical status of reputable excellence.

“Argyle has built a legacy of dominance in UIL. We have consistent programs with committed members who work hard to make our district proud. Staying poised in the competitive realm, while still focusing on curriculum, culture building, and strengthening newly added programs will require thoughtful involvement.”

Leigh Ann mentions that with any growing district, there comes financial concerns. She is diligently researching similar districts, discussing financials with Argyle ISD’s outstanding finance team, and reaching out to experts in the field to determine the best path forward.

Finally, Leigh Ann stresses the importance of not putting self-interest at the forefront, especially when the role involves doing what is best for the entire district and every individual student.

“As a trustee, this is not about a special interest. Looking at the district as a whole, I hope to balance the needs of each individual campus. This is a new challenge for Argyle as our campuses grow in number. We cannot overlook the impact that staffing and budgeting decisions make on the district without the awareness of their effects on each campus.”

No doubt, you simply cannot hold a candle to the resume of Leigh Ann’s astounding catalogue of skills, intellect, and altruism. She will prove herself time and again as the trustee deserving of Argyle ISD.

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