Best Brunch Spots

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  1. Old West Cafe – Grapevine
    A Western-themed diner with generous portions of classic breakfast and brunch items. Photo courtesy of Roger Grady on Google Reviews
  2. Bistecca Italian Steakhouse – Highland Village
    This upscale Italian steakhouse offers a Sunday brunch buffet with a mix of breakfast and lunch items, including a carving station. Photo courtesy of Bistecca’s Facebook
  3. Local Pint – Flower Mound Offers a weekend brunch featuring a mix of classic and innovative brunch dishes, as well as a selection of craft beers. Photo courtesy of Local Pint
  4. Seven Mile Cafe – Flower Mound
    This local favorite is known for its fresh and organic ingredients, offering a wide range of breakfast and brunch options. Photo courtesy of Seven Mile Cafe
  5. Farmhouse Coffee & Treasures – Argyle
    A charming and cozy establishment where rustic charm meets culinary delight. With its warm ambiance, artisanal coffee, and curated treasures, it offers a delightful escape for coffee enthusiasts and seekers of unique
    finds. Photo courtesy of farmhousecoffeetx.com/locations
  6. Lake Cities Cafe – Corinth
    A local gem that captures the essence of community dining. With its welcoming atmosphere and hearty comfort food, it has become a cherished spot where locals gather to enjoy delicious meals and friendly
    conversations. Photo courtesy of Lake Cities Cafe’s Facebook
  7. Berries & Batter Cafe – Highland Village – A delightful culinary destination that brings together fresh flavors and artistic presentation. From their decadent baked goods to their creative brunch offerings, it’s a haven for foodies seeking a charming and flavorful experience. Photo courtesy of Barries & Batter Cafe Google Reviews

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