5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

1. Adopting means saving a life

Many shelters enforce a euthanizing policy. When you choose to adopt from a shelter, you’re saving the life of your future best friend while also providing space for another animal that desperately needs it. This creates a domino effect of providing loving homes for all animals.

2. Adopting helps to aid the fight against puppy mills

Puppy mills are known for prioritizing profit over the overall health and welfare of their animals. Most of these mills provide horrible living conditions for the animals with little to no medical care. The animals that come from these puppy mills are often sick and traumatized. When you adopt from a shelter, you are taking a stance against the support of these horrid practices and keeping money out of
their pockets.

3. Adopting is more affordable

Buying and owning a pet is not cheap. When purchasing a pet, the pricing can range from $500 to $1,000 or more, which doesn’t include spay or neuter prices as well as vaccination and microchipping. When adopting, the pricing rarely reaches $200, and that usually includes all of the post-adoption fees. It’s much more affordable to choose adoption.

4. Adopted pets are usually easier to train

While some pets in shelters come in as strays, many of the animals come to the shelters due to unfortunate living events such as divorce or household moves. Many of those animals have already been trained in many ways, which makes your job so much easier.

5. Adopting gives you a built-in support system

When you adopt your pet from a shelter, your transaction doesn’t end when you walk out the door. The workers at the shelter have gotten to know your new pet and can not only offer you support and advice when it comes to your fur baby but also valuable resources to set you
up for success.

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