Not Your Every Day Towing Company

Mike and Lainie Phillips, owners of All American Towing and Recovery, make every effort to be more than just another towing company showing up at the scene. “We want to be all-inclusive,” Mike said. “No matter the situation — call one number, and our team would get it done.”

Mission accomplished. All American Towing is not the everyday tow truck that shows up to get rid of an improperly parked or impounded vehicle. They are a full-service towing and recovery service that partners with police and fire personnel and everyday folks just like you for whatever life throws your way. They have over 15 state-of-the-art, late-model towing and recovery units ranging from car and bus carriers to the largest rotating heavy-duty wreckers in the area. Their services include everything from your standard towing and load transfers to tractor-trailer accident and recovery, hazmat and accident scene remediation, heavy-duty winching, tire changing, jump-starts and pull-starts, fuel delivery, and more.

They also offer 24-7 live dispatch, so they are there for you even if it’s 3 or 4 in the morning.

“We strive to offer a higher level of service than your typical towing company,” Lainie said. “We cross-train with fire departments and the police so that our heavy equipment can even be used in rescue situations. We’ve done quite a few of those, actually, and it feels really good to know that we’ve helped save lives.”

Mike added, “Roughly 50% of our business is law enforcement tows. The other half is the general public when they are broken down
and need help.”

When you sit down with Mike and Lainie, it’s clear that they really know their stuff. On top of that, you leave feeling like you have known them for years — just a down-to-earth family you can’t wait to learn more about. And boy, there is plenty to learn. For example, Mike is a third-generation towing professional. He learned the trade throughout his entire childhood under the guidance of his father and grandfather. “I used to drive a wrecker to school because I had to go to work afterward,” Mike said with a laugh. He’s been in a wrecker full-time since he was 18. “I’ve never imagined doing anything different.”

Lainie didn’t grow up in the towing industry, but she might as well have. She and Mike started this venture together over 12 years ago, and she knows their business inside and out as the behind-the-scenes guru.

“I married into it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We make a great team,” she said. “Our second date was in a wrecker. He picked me up and had to go on a call. So I went along with him and it’s been an adventure ever since.”

Mike joked about that night, saying that Lainie’s father wasn’t too fond of his daughter being picked up in a tow truck.

But here they are, a happy couple with a growing family and successful business. Mike and Lainie live in Justin with their four kids, Brooklynn (10), Briggs (6), Parker Kate (1 1/2), and Avery (5 months) and they are always on call to help a neighbor in need. Both he and Lainie are hands-on in everything that All American Towing and Recovery does, and they pride themselves on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

“We really pride ourselves on being a tightly-knit family business. Our team is like family, and we are incredibly appreciative to be a part of the communities we serve. Our business wouldn’t be what it is without them,” Lainie said. “We do a lot of sponsorships for sports teams and schools in the area, and it’s something we thoroughly enjoy. We like to be in a situation to help the community that has helped
us all these years.”

All American Towing and Recovery has locations in Decatur, Texas, Denton, and Justin. To learn more about how they can help you, please visit

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