Spreading Beauty With a Purpose

Alexandria & Co.

Have you ordered any jewelry online? You go to a website, select a product, check every detail you want to know, and add it to the cart before checkout, right?

But there’s something unique about Alexandria & Co. At the bottom of each product, you’ll see something that will make you take pause and think for a moment. You read a Bible verse “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well.”

Alexandria & Co. is a faith-based business inspired by the Bible verse Psalm 139:14 NIV. “This verse serves as the heartbeat behind the brand and what I hope each customer walks away knowing and believing about themselves,” says Flower Mound-based Alexandria Joven, aka Ally, who is the founder and owner of the company.

What this young girl started as a hobby during her high school days has now turned into a business. “I created an Instagram account to sell earrings and keychains to my friends and family, hoping it would one day expand to a wider audience. I had no idea it would turn into a business that I still own three years later,” the 21-year-old solopreneur said.

Over the past three years, the accessory store has gained 5,000+ followers across all social media platforms, made 2,000+ sales, shipped orders to 45 U.S. states and four foreign countries, and done 25+ pop-up shop events across North Texas!

Ally believes her brand has become a place where she can pour her heart into creating things and showing people the love of Jesus. She envisions that her brand would remind the customers that they are chosen, set apart, and beloved children of God. “With each purchase, whether in person at a pop-up shop or online through our website, I hope that each customer experiences joy and love,” she mentioned.

Wondering where all those elegant accessories are made? Ally’s dining room! Some days Ally, her mom, and her sister are busy for hours in their dining room preparing earrings, necklaces, keychains, and bracelets and packaging them. “Our products are created and/or hand-selected and branded right here in my home in Flower Mound. All our products are assembled and designed by myself, my mom, and my sister,” Ally shared joyfully. “Each item is branded with love, intentionality, and purpose.” The store offers several accessory options for men too.

Ally serves as the face of the brand and runs in-person pop-up booths by herself. However, behind the scenes, her family helps create, brainstorm products, design ideas, and prepare for/set up in-person pop-up shops. Her proud parents also play the role of mentors who guide her through financial aspects.

Ally is currently a full-time college student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree through Liberty University Online. In the past, she has had many other jobs while still running Alexandria & Co. Her consistent dedication to what she does has made the company a profitable business. Slower seasons are challenging, but Ally keeps herself motivated through thick and thin. “When I feel discouraged, I have to remind myself of why I started,” she said.

This November, the company marks its third anniversary. With every passing year, Ally finds herself stronger and more confident. She ensures she is learning new things and stays updated with the ever-changing business world. She handles the company’s website and social media accounts by herself. Observing recent trends and algorithms helps her market the products effectively.

There is a handful of similar businesses around Flower Mound. But, instead of perceiving them as competitors, Ally prefers collaborating with them. She likes to support other small, locally-owned businesses. “We love to cheer each other on,” she says.

Other than social media, Alexandria & Co.’s primary way of getting in front of people is by word of mouth and personal connection. Ally is happy that in these three years, she has been able to build something she’s proud of! She intends to continue with her business through her different phases of life with joy and excellence. To Ally, thinking of her vision for Alexandria & Co. is a source of motivation filled with renewed passion and immense creativity!

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