Historical Fun Facts About Lake Cities, Texas

The area of Lake Cities has become a blend of communities that are held near and dear to residents’ hearts, and for good reason. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Lake Cities. At Murray Media, we understand the passion for these communities and we wanted to contribute to that by presenting a few fun little historical facts about Lake Cities for all of its citizens to enjoy.

Fact #1
Did you know that Lake Cities was actually originally named Garza? The origin of that name has never been confirmed. Lake Dallas officially got its name in either 1926 or 1929 after Lake Dallas was impounded.

Fact #2
The site of Lake Dallas became occupied by residents in the year 1852 because of all the land had to offer such as water, timber, and farmland.

Fact #3
Corinth, Texas has seen amazing growth in recent years. It is now home to 21,819 residents and continues to grow every year.

Fact #4
The community of Corinth was originally founded in 1880. It was named by the Dallas and Wichita Railway which ended up building railway tracks throughout the town in its founding year.

Fact #5
The United States Census Bureau has declared that the Town of Hickory Creek consists of 4.6 total square miles. 4.5 square miles of that consists of land and 0.1 square miles consists of water.

Fact #6
In August of 2008, the Town of Hickory Creek was officially recognized by Tree City USA which is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees.

Fact #7
Tax collection began in the community of Shady Shores in the year 2000. Up until that point the money for road repairs as well as the police and fire department came from things such as fees from building permits, franchise fees, and donations from the residents.

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