Crazy Cool Family

When you look at Denton County family, the Mannings, you can tell they carry something special. Don and Suzanne celebrated 30 years of marriage in November and have raised seven children. Seven is a lot… they know! The Mannings have a desire to have strong family relationships. They say, “The strength of your family is determined by the strength of your family relationships.”

Don and Suzanne love and follow Jesus. They helped build Valley Creek Church in 1992. Don said “As our family grew, we asked parents in our church for wisdom and help. We saw families with kids that loved each other, their parents, and lived for God. We desired to build a family like that.”

Through prayer, scripture, conferences, books, and discipleship they discovered how to have deep connections with their children. Through family values and intentional strengthening in relationships, they began to see fruit in their family. One by one, their kids fell in love with God and became best friends with their siblings. Their kids say, “Our parents are not perfect, but they love God and did their best to help us do the same. We knew our parents were there if we needed them.”

The Mannings consider this a gift from the Lord and want to share this gift with you through a free resource they have created – Crazy Cool Family. CCF is a ministry centered on teaching parents how to build strong relational lines. They wrote a book titled “Crazy Cool Family: Rethink the Way You Do Family” and have a podcast (also called Crazy Cool Family).

They are most excited about INVITING YOU to join their free  resource- Basecamp. Basecamp is a platform filled with videos offering unique experiences for families to interact with the Mannings and grow their own Crazy
Cool Family.

The heartbeat of CCF is for every family to love God, love each other, and have strong relational lines. If you are looking for ways to build your family and connect the relationship, check out everything CCF has to offer today with this
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