Marcus Career Fair

The Cross Timbers Rotary Club recently put together a career fair for the freshman students at Marcus High School. “There are so many opportunities for students when they become juniors and seniors and when they become 16 and can work. We really want students to get this exposure early so that they may have an idea of what they may be interested in. Then they can make choices that better fit their interests,” Marcus 9 Principal Chantell Upshaw said. “We know that the pathway for these students starts a lot earlier than it used to. If we waited to do this until their junior or senior year, students may have missed the opportunity to take a certain course at the career center or take an entry-level test. We’d like to provide a lot of these opportunities at an earlier age so that they can begin planning for these things.”

“We were so excited as Cross Timbers Rotarians to bring this opportunity to the students at Marcus High School 9th Grade Center. We were able to come and present to them a wide variety of careers and to let them have the opportunity to talk to different Rotarians and some of our guests. We hope that we were able to inspire these kids to find a meaningful career that they love,” Cross Timbers Rotarian Ginger Eads said.

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