Christian Coaches Empowering Others

Consumed Coaching, LLC & Kingdom Coach, HQ

Life coaches have the ability to spot potential in their clients, motivate and guide them to bringing that potential to life, then celebrate with those clients when specific goals and aspirations have been attained. You add religious faith and guidance to the mix, and you have the ideal recipe for success. Specifically, you have Consumed Coaching, LLC, and Kingdom Coach HQ.

Francine Ivey is the CEO and founder of Consumed Coaching, a faith-based non-denominational program for training Christian life coaches to guide business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other believers from all walks of life to excel and succeed, the way God intended them to. 

“Consumed Coaching is made up of a group of faith-based coaches who come together to fulfill their true calling and learn to produce powerful results for clients without compromising their walk with Christ,” Francine explained. “We equip them with resources that align with biblical truth and ethical Christian beliefs.”   

With Consumed Coaching, coaches go through 12 weeks of training through Zoom to achieve Kingdom Coach Certification. “I created the Kingdom Coach Certification Program as a membership of Christian coaches – ‘Kingdompreneurs,’ if you will – who share the mission of changing lives through coaching,” Francine announced with pride. “Along with their certification, they each receive one year of support and mentorship.”  

Because Kingdom Coach Head Quarters (HQ) is a unified online community of faith-based coaches, they share ideas and experiences, collaborate, and support one another. Membership includes access to training materials and resources, expert-level coaching, and invitations to events such as workshops, seminars, webinars, and retreats — all the tools coaches need to empower them to lead their clients to success.

The backgrounds and experiences of Kingdom Coaches vary, so each has specific areas of knowledge to share and use in their coaching. This diversity leads to specializations for their own businesses such as life coaching, marketing and personal branding, relationship or business coaching, and more.

Here are just a few of the Kingdom Coaches and their various skill sets who are making such a positive impact on others’ lives.

James Pitcher, Christian Life Coach and Trainer of The Success Principles.
James’ purpose is to inspire, equip and empower people to develop, plan and realize their dreams by using his energy, enthusiasm, coaching skills and The Success Principles. Teaching young adults what’s not taught in college!

Christine James, Spiritual Transformational Life Coach, CEO of Divine Generation Consulting, LLC.
I help women overcome emotional sexual and physical trauma through the use of scripture, and guidance of the Holy Spirit to abundant life. The foundation of my work is based upon the belief that all people have intrinsic significance and every person’s story matters and is worth hearing.

Reagan Ivey –
As a Christian Coach and mentor, I guide passionate Christian individuals to confidently step into their God-given calling, overcome obstacles, and live a life of purpose, aligning their faith with their actions.

Stephanie Kelsey
 is a Life Coach with an emphasis on healthy relational dynamics.
She has worked as a women’s pastor and group’s pastor, leading hundreds of volunteers and a staff team of 11. Her experience in biblical counseling, coaching, speaking, and leading in small to mega-sized churches has led her to this joy of life coaching. Stephanie can help you to no longer feel stuck, set good boundaries, lead your teams with relational strength, and walk in health with family, marriage, and friend relationships. 

Mike Montes, the founder of Breakthrough to Impact, an online coaching platform designed to take business owners to the next level. I help any business find at least 17k or more in profit with a 45-minute session and provide them with a proven roadmap for success.

Josh Morris, Founder of Tov Co. Good company for good leaders.
Josh is a consultant and certified coach who works with leaders to transform their leadership styles and inspire greatness.

Peggy Easterling, Christian Mindset Coach, Founder of The Mindset School, and Creator of The Mindset School Podcast.
Peggy guides resilient women through 5-step teaching to break free from mindset obstacles, embrace authentic Christian living, and take action toward God-given purpose. 

“Online or in person, our coaches are trained to do it all, pretty much throughout the nation,” Francine stated. “Wherever they’re needed, they conduct one-to-one or group sessions, webinars, DIY courses, and memberships. Businesses even contact them to work with their employees. What’s more, all of our coaches will make a free coaching call to anyone who feels the need for their services.”

Kingdom Coaches are determined to achieve excellence. They have a keen understanding of how branding and sales work, so they coach to help you succeed in whatever business or profession you’re in. They also coach you to have satisfying personal lives, but discourage taking your work home. “We stay away from words like ‘hustle’ and ‘grind,’” Francine emphasized. “We want our clients to succeed, but not at the cost of family and a Christ-based life.” 

As for Francine, this “coach’s coach” and mentor humorously refers to herself as an “obnoxiously positive person,” but in truth, despite personal tragedy, Francine’s enthusiasm & positivity is infectious and refreshing. After 27 years of ministry with her husband, she found herself beginning again after his death in 2017. “All the certifications I’d earned over seven years of coaching seemed to fall short of what comprehensive Christian coaching training should be,” Francine said with conviction. “Each one had something missing from providing what God intended for that calling. I came to realize I wasn’t the only faith-based coach struggling this way. Then God told me, ‘Start your own company,’ and in March of 2021, I did.”

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