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Lantana is Thriving

What started with a few civic-minded neighbors picking up trash after community events is now a thriving non-profit that has contributed significantly to making Lantana a better place to live. Lantana Cares and Lantana Education Charitable Foundation work to empower residents toward beautification, education, and recreation in the community. Together, they’ve conducted impactful projects in all three aspects.

“Both organizations work seamlessly to ensure our students & community have a great quality of life,” said Kristine Hallingstand, a board member of Lantana Cares for five years.

“This non-profit is all about community,” Kristine said. “It is completely volunteer-run by Lantana residents who have shown interest and experience in improving the quality of life in their community. Board members volunteer their time and unique skill to ensure some of the big projects get completed.”

Lantana Cares was founded in 2016 by locals who saw a need for a resident-powered organization to be the glue between governing entities for the community. Lantana receives services from Water Districts 6 & 7, the Lantana Community Association (HOA), the LECF, and contracts with the Argyle Volunteer Fire Department for services.

Lantana Fishing Pond Conservation Project, Teachers Pay Teachers, Lantana Cares Tutoring Grants, the Splash Pad at the Lantana Community Event Center, and Guyer & Harpool Robotics Club are the projects that have covered the areas for better Lantana.

“Lantana Cares received an educational grant from the Lantana Education Charitable Foundation. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online resource where educators can access millions of resources proven to work in classrooms. Lantana attendance zone teachers receive access, as well as homeschool parents within the community,” Kristine said. “The project was started during Covid but has become very useful to our educators, and the Lantana Education Charitable Foundation renewed the grant for Lantana Cares this school year through June 2024.”

Before that, 133 students benefited from the COVID-era tutoring grants, some for a few months and others for longer. This allowed students to catch up after falling behind due to the learning disruption during 2020-2022.

Lantana Cares is working on a safety and security event in October 2023. The organization also funded a portion of the pickleball courts that will be built by the water districts and available in about 18 months.

Sabrina Ray, a board member of the LECF, proudly vouchs for the remarkable impact the foundation has contributed to Lantana.

“The teachers and admins are able to focus on the true educational needs of their students rather than spending their time fundraising and worrying about the needs of their classrooms,” Sabrina said. “We are proud to offer so much support to our community schools and give back to them as needed.”

“We are lucky to have discretional funds available to enrich the lives of those who live and work in and around Lantana. And we are lucky to have such great board members who all want to carry out the vision of LECF.”

As both organizations continue to grow, Sabrina and Kristine also urge anyone who wants to know more about their organization to contact them.

This September 30, Lantana Cares, in coordination with Lantana Community Association, is hosting Run Lantana 5K & 10K. The leadership invites participants and volunteers to be a part of the cause. To learn more about the event and to contribute to the community’s betterment, visit

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