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Back to School Tips: Set Yourself Up for Success

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for back-to-school shopping, planning weeknight meals, and scheduling after-school activities. And while all of those preparations are extremely important this time of year, it’s also important to mentally prepare for the return to the classroom. Here are a few tips to set you up for success. 


Get Organized

This can be an extremely hectic time of year, especially during the week leading up to the first day back. Try organizing your life and your routines the week or two before so that when the day comes, you are more than prepared for what’s to come. Try making to-do lists or even purchasing a planner for your kids to schedule out their day. Getting them in the practice of planning can help ease stress tremendously. 


Practice Waking Up 

The first morning of going back to school can definitely be a struggle. If you start having your kids get up and perform their morning routine just the way they will do during the school year a week before school starts, it will be so much easier for them. Routines take time to build and giving your kids the time to do that is essential for mental wellness. 


Readjust Sleep Schedule

It’s not just waking up on time that needs to be practiced for a successful start to the school year. It’s usually common for kids to be allowed to stay up late during those summer months. But the week before school starts, it might be a good idea to reintroduce their bedtime schedules. It will take a minute for their bodies to adjust to a normal bedtime and schedule, so the sooner you can get them back to it, the easier that first day will be. 


Clean Up Social Media

Social media has the power to help and hurt at the exact same time. It can be a fun place to connect with friends and family and be able to share your everyday lives with others that might not have the opportunity to be able to experience it with you. It can also be a very toxic avenue, especially for kids. It could be a good idea to go through their social media pages and clean up and eliminate anything that could potentially cause harm to their mental wellness. Surrounding your kids and your household with positivity can greatly aid in setting up your family’s back-to-school success. 


Back-to-school season can prove to be difficult for both parents and children every single year. And with the past few years of COVID school, our hope here at Murray Media Group is that we can help you have the easiest and most successful transition into this upcoming school year with these back-to-school tips.

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