How Would You Like To Own A Live Young Wellness Spa?

Live Young Wellness Spa

Award-winning Live Young Wellness Spa (formerly known as the aesthetic spa side of Flower Mound Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Spa) has been a pillar of the Flower Mound community for years. From their philanthropic efforts benefiting local charities to annual open house events, most of us are familiar with this premier business. You might even be a client.

If you want to maintain a fresher, rejuvenated look without engaging in invasive procedures, the leading source for getting you there is Live Young Wellness Spa. And now, for the first time, you, too, have an opportunity to own a Live Young Wellness Spa franchise. This successful veteran-owned business is thrilled to announce that they are franchising!

With Flower Mound Plastic Surgery Center, Live Young Wellness Spa is home to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Sanderson’s practice. His expert medical direction, experience, and commitment to his clients have raised the bar for competitors in the industry, and his business model has proven to be successful. 

“I’m excited to work with motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to own a medspa of which they can be proud,” Dr. Sanderson explained. “I’m only going to sell two at first and once I have those right and growing, we’ll do more. Slow growth to maintain quality is the goal. I would rather only have one location that provides great customer service and amazing skincare, than own twenty different locations that provide mediocre quality.”


As the owner with a dedication to growing Live Young Wellness Spa through franchising, Dr. Sanderson will make sure the right people share his passion and commitment to the business, and that they feel supported throughout the journey. 

Genuine care for his clients and a commitment to giving them the very best is what drives him. He has always taken an active role in every aspect of the business, even overseeing new employee orientation and training processes.    

“I will very much have a hand in the training of injectors and laser technicians for the franchises,” Dr. Sanderson acknowledged.

The medical medspa industry is escalating, and this highly in-demand business, Live Young Wellness Spa, has become a well-timed opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative investment focused on health and beauty through enhancements that help others become their best. 

One of life’s unfortunate guarantees is that time does not stand still, and inevitably, neither does our physical appearance. Aging, or simply being less than satisfied with what nature gave you, can tarnish your self-image, diminish your confidence, and affect your relationships. More than ever, men and women are aware of what cosmetic enhancements can do for them, inside and out. 

If you want to maintain a younger, fresher, rejuvenated look without engaging in invasive procedures, the premier source for getting you there is Live Young Wellness Spa. Their goal is to make it possible for you to Look Young, Feel Young, and Live Young! Who wouldn’t want to invest in a franchise that makes such a positive impact on people every day? 

Within the walls of this beautiful full-scale facility, Live Young Wellness Spa offers a comfortable and tranquil environment with a wide variety of non-surgical services that can be performed quickly and comfortably with little or no disruption to your daily routine. While each client might receive different treatments, the total positive experience will always remain the same. Medical professionals are always there to administer injectables and a wide range of other treatments, such as fillers, skin and laser care, and bioidentical hormone replacement.

Men and women alike rely on the benefits of their services, and the team regularly treats couples, mothers and daughters, groups, and friends.

The team is most proud of the membership options offered as an affordable way to have your choice of consistent treatments without interruption. Prime and Prime Plus are for skincare services, and Laser Hair Removal is another membership option. 

The newest additions to their menu of services are Sculptra, an injectable dermal filler for skin rejuvenation, and Mint PDO Threads, a non-surgical procedure to subtly lift your facial features.   

Since its opening in 2013, Living Young Wellness Spa has steadily experienced tremendous growth. Their reputation for professional excellence, while maintaining the highest standard of care and dedication to their clients, has built their gold standard reputation. Because their business model has proven to be a success, Dr. Sanderson wants to share these accomplishments, giving others with those same principles an opportunity to franchise across the state, and even throughout the country. He knows through experience what services clients want, and what treatments offer strong margins for the business…your future business.


For more information about Living Young Wellness Spa franchising, call (469)-840-5565, and visit their franchise website at www.themedspafranchise.com

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