DFW Oral Surgeons: Our Main Focus

Dr. John Shillingburg has been a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon for so long now that he could probably perform even the most complicated procedures with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back.


While modern dentistry is providing patients who crave a more confident smile with more options than ever, there’s only one true outpatient surgery center capable of diagnosing and treating any mouth and jaw condition with ease. That office is none other than Dr. Shillingburg’s DFW Oral Surgeons. Simply put: they do it all, and they do it right. This includes procedures as simple as wisdom teeth extraction to sinus lifts, dental implants, and reconstructive surgery. 


And while his office is located in Flower Mound, it’s actually Bartonville that Dr. Shillingburg calls home, which is the only other place besides his practice that his focus stays. 


Dr. Shillingburg and his staff are committed to providing the best care in the oral surgeon industry. “The biggest misconception people have is that they think they can go to a general dentist office that touts itself as a one-stop shop and get all their needs taken care of,” said Dr. Shillingburg.


If you haven’t guessed by now with some of the things Dr. Shillingburg has said, he’s a huge proponent of dental implants. Patients with even one or two missing teeth can have their teeth restored — not just replaced — with the surgical insertion of a dental implant. A dental implant is a cultural shift from more intrusive, painful, and old-school options such as partial dentures or a dental bridge. Essentially, it recreates the connection between the jawbone and tooth while restoring the natural function and feel of a tooth. 


Previous options such as partials and bridges damage adjacent teeth long-term because of the forces that are generated on that tooth and the gums. When this happens, you turn a one-tooth problem into a three-tooth problem. 


“I tell patients that all the time; implants really are the preferred way now,” Dr. Shillingburg said. “Instead of creating adverse forces on the adjacent teeth, dental implants maintain bone and reinforce adjacent teeth so that they last longer.” And with Dr. Shillingburg’s practice, you can have your teeth removed and in that same visit, leave with brand new teeth!


Dr. Shillingburg is trained and credentialed in dentoalveolar surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, implant surgery, orthognathic surgery, facial reconstructive oral surgery, dental anesthesiology, and holds membership with the American Dental Association and is a Diplomate of both the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology and American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.


And just like any successful practice, DFW Oral Surgeons is expanding their offerings by adding a new oral surgeon to the practice in August, Dr. Lico Castillo, as well as a full-time RN that will also be joining the team.


Many of us take our oral and dental health for granted, and when we are suddenly faced with severe problems, the consequences can be overwhelming. Having a doctor like John Shillingburg in your corner is a lifesaver.


“As an oral surgeon, my job is to manage complications,” Dr. Shillingburg said. “Maybe someone has come in, and they have a dental implant that failed. I enjoy fixing those and ensuring they enjoy their smile.”


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