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Paw-sitive Community Outreach

The community of Haslet has been blessed with the presence of Kenzie’s K9 Day Care for the past two years. Kenzie has always had a passion for animals and with that passion, she has found a way to give back to the community that she cares so deeply for. “I was that kid that brought home everything and anything I could find and asked if I could keep it,” Kenzie explained. “I’ve always had a big heart to help animals as best as I possibly could.”

As Kenzie got older and started earning finances of her own, she was able to experience the freedom that was provided and was able to take those funds and learn how to truly take care of animals. “I was a vet tech for a while. I actually wanted to become a vet. It was supposed to be my stepping stone into the industry,” Kenzie recalled. However, with Kenzie being an emotional person, she took all things in the industry very personally. “The industry weighs on you. They told me that I had to disconnect my feelings,” Kenzie said. “They said that sometimes you can’t help them and that was really hard for me to hear.”

Kenzie began realizing that she was much better with the aftermath these animals went through. She has worked with animals of all issues and disabilities. It wasn’t long before Kenzie got the nickname in her area of the “crazy animal lady”. 

However, it wasn’t until the big winter storm a year and a half ago that she truly was able to find her calling in Haslet. “When we lost power, people were leaving for safety and leaving their dogs behind. I was seeing people post for help for their animals. I’m from Colorado so this was nothing new to me and since I know how to drive in the snow, I ended up traveling to 40-50 houses and taking care of these animals,” Kenzie recalled. But she didn’t just stop there, she also called Apollo animal shelter and took in all nine remaining dogs left in the shelter to keep them warm. Which is how Kenzie’s K9 Day Care came to be. 

“I love and find fulfillment in helping people and animals,” Kenzie said. “There are so many organizations and nonprofits that are here to help you with your animals. You just have to let them.”

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