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Being people who have always sought to help others, Amanda and Joshua Haddad were looking for their next opportunity to connect those in need with people who have a passion for serving others.

So when Amanda learned last year how some girls at Lewisville High School were experiencing difficult circumstances and didn’t have the ability to purchase prom dresses, the Denton residents knew what their first event would be, and thus Promise Closet – through HoneyRock Ministries – was born.

“It was something I had seen done through a friend years ago.” said Amanda. “I come from a difficult background, and I was that girl who had the cheap dress and went to the prom for 10 minutes because I didn’t fit in. I now have two boys for whom it’s not as spectacular as it is for the girls. Having been in student ministries for so many years, it was something I wanted to do.”

The Haddads knew other organizations already provided basic necessities like food, clothing, and school supplies, but not experiences like at prom. HoneyRock set up four area sites to drop off dresses, including Mosquito Joe’s in Corinth, Chris Marshall: State Farm Insurance in North Lewisville, Flourish Flowers and Gifts in downtown Lewisville and Master Plan Taxes in Flower Mound. They also invited DFW-area realtor friend Edith Durm to help spread the word and pick up dresses from local residents. So far, they have received about 40 dresses.

“Not only did we want to find and give the girls the best dresses, but we wanted contribute to the love and attention they deserved,” Amanda said. “It’s all about the experience.”

Invited girls will enjoy the experience at a special event on March 24 at Flourish Flowers, where a team of women will help the girls try on dresses and pick the perfect one.

The Haddads initially began serving others in student ministry in 2009. Between 2018 and 2020, Joshua took a full-time position at a Lewisville church.

“We loved it,” Joshua said. “We served for over 12 years, led high school and young adult small groups, and eventually I became the associate pastor for the Lewisville campus. I loved helping people, changing peoples’ lives.”

Prior to his church job, Joshua was general manager for a Chicken Express franchise, managing stores in Midlothian, Arlington, and Highland Village. In 2018 he took his dream job in church ministry, where he oversaw many ministries and the campus itself.

“I loved being in ministry, and it was a busy two years of our life. It was a short period, but the experience told me it was something I wanted to continue doing,” Joshua said.

Looking for his next opportunity, Joshua joined a friend in the roofing industry and also became an account manager for a sign company in Denton. Amanda has worked for a large Dallas neurology group since 2010, starting as a receptionist. In 2014 she accepted a marketing director position. She also helps local small businesses with social media/print marketing.

Ironically, she originally proposed HoneyRock as the name for a new roofing company she was helping to brand. However, Joshua immediately told her he felt like it was the name of their new ministry and the Haddads knew their next calling.

“It kind of represented our life, the last year and a half we had experienced, and what was next,” Joshua said. “When she texted me the name and what it meant to her, I knew we were back in the game.”

Besides prom dresses, the Haddads have partnered with another couple to develop a marriage retreat called “Date Night.” It focuses on marriages, dating your spouse again, and connecting on a deeper level. They conducted a pilot event on February 5 with six couples from the Lewisville and Flower Mound area, and it was so successful they hope to do them quarterly in the future.

HoneyRock Ministries also recently began assisting local teachers with supplies and other items to avoid them paying out of their pockets, plus providing them with treats to feel appreciated.

To learn more about Honey Rock Ministries, visit their website.

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