A Day To Remember

Love ‘em or frustrated by ‘em, families are an important part of our individual identity. Yet today, more than 110,000 children in America and hundreds of Denton County foster care children are awaiting adoption to their forever families. Their personal Adoption Day is a day to remember when that “forever family” is realized.

In November 2000, a coalition of national entities established National Adoption Day. Since that time, entities across the country open their courts each year to finalize and celebrate adoptions from foster care.

According to the website, the first National Adoption Day was inspired by the innovative efforts of Michael Nash, a former presiding judge of Los Angeles County’s Juvenile Court. He opened the court on Saturdays, engaged the volunteer efforts of court personnel, and finalized adoptions to reduce the backlog of one of the busiest courts in the nation.

Since then, an estimated 75,000 children in foster care have seen their dreams come true in more than 400 cities across the United States.

In Denton County, more than 300 children are currently in the foster care system, so to celebrate those children who are matched with their forever families, the Denton County Bar Association, judges, and sponsors plan a local Adoption Day. Many local businesses, organizations, and volunteers contribute to creating a memorable, fun-filled day for the youngsters and their new families.

Recent themes have included the Chick Fil A cows and Dr. Seuss. We are so appreciative of all of the sponsors, volunteers, and other contributors who give their time, energy, and money to make this a day no newly-adopted child will ever forget.

While we cannot disclose particulars about this year’s Denton County Adoption Day for security reasons, we know these Denton County children enjoy a day of games, treats, and prizes with the best prize of becoming a new member of a family that will stand beside and guide them for the rest of their lives.

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