Learning Legacies

There’s just something special about coming from a small hometown. Everyone knows everyone and there’s no shortage of a helping hand when you need it. A loss in the community is a loss for the community. You’re surrounded by people who genuinely care because they’ve known you your whole life. And just like that, your small-town community has become your family. That’s what living in Lake Dallas, TX is like. And for life-long
local Bailey Hayes, her family legacy has grown just a
little bit more.

Bailey Hayes was born and raised in her hometown of Lake Dallas and she comes from a long line of local residents. Her roots run deep when it comes to home, so it’s no surprise that when she graduated high school, she didn’t go too far from home when it came to college. Bailey attended Texas Women’s University and walked the stage in December of 2021.

When it came to her job search, Bailey couldn’t think of anywhere that she would rather be than her home. “This is my home. My desire was home. I didn’t look anywhere else,” Bailey said. “Actually, when I first started looking, there wasn’t anything available, and then right before I graduated this position opened up.” And so began Bailey’s teaching career as a Kindergarten teacher at Lake Dallas
Elementary School.

Bailey’s passion for teaching came as no surprise to her family. Dedication to education runs in her family. Her grandfather worked as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in Lake Dallas throughout his career. “My family has always been so big into the community,” Bailey said. That was just one of the reasons why getting this job was so special to
Bailey and her family.

But the main reason that this beginning to her career was so precious to her and her loved ones is because Lake Dallas Elementary School was the same school where her grandfather began his career in 1969 as a 5th-grade school teacher.

Bailey’s history of family education has proven to really benefit her in her new career. “I’m able to say that I have a history in education. I’ve grown up with strong educational support and so I’m able to really know what I’m doing with my career,” Bailey said.

Everyone has been so proud of Bailey and all of her accomplishments, however, no one as much as her mom. “She was so excited for me. She’s so proud of me for chasing my dreams,” Bailey said.

Lake Dallas as a community is such a big advocate for family and having family-oriented values. “We’re all a family. It’s actually funny, because not only do I have a family history at this school, but my brother’s mother-in-law is actually my teacher neighbor at the school. We really are all a family and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else,” Bailey said.

With her history of education and her love of family values, it’s easy to see why Bailey desired to put down permanent roots where it all began. “I’m honored to work at this school and to start my career where my grandfather started his career,” Bailey said. “I’m excited to be able to keep our legacy going.” And it’s safe to say that Bailey will extend an amazing
learning legacy.

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