It Takes a Village to Build a New Start

Cloud 9

Kim Cloud Skidmore is an accomplished woman. And one of boundless faith and unwavering determination. When obstacles drive her one step back, she rebounds by leaping three steps forward. Overcoming challenges throughout her 43-year career as a hairstylist and salon owner is nothing new for Kim. Yet her biggest challenge to date also has been the object of her greatest career achievement.

Since 1991, Kim has been the proud owner and operator of the popularly acclaimed Cloud 9 Salon and Spa, initially located at a modest 700-square-foot space in Lewisville. By 2003, her burgeoning success had outgrown multiple locations, which led to building an 8,200 square foot, full-service salon in Flower Mound. “For years our salon had good frontage, but as Flower Mound grew, we were surrounded by other real estate,” Kim explained. “My husband Christopher and I had dinner at Marty B’s in Bartonville one evening, and I mentioned that it might be great to move Cloud 9 to that area. ‘Do it,’ he said. Later he reviewed some demographics, and we discovered the high level of growth moving in that direction. We needed to move west.”

That was three and a half years ago. Once their final decision was made, Kim found the ideal spot in Bartonville about six miles west of the Flower Mound location, and bought land on FM 407, adjacent to Marty B’s. In the midst of the pandemic, she put her Flower Mound building up for sale. The first obstacle to fulfilling this new start for Cloud 9 came when the structure took two years to sell. “When it did, we had to quickly find a temporary location,” recounted Kim.

They moved to a pop-up space on Justin Road in Lantana, where they will remain until the new location is move-in ready. “It’s half the space of the Flower Mound salon, and even though we don’t have all the amenities, we’ve been able to offer all the services Cloud 9 has always provided for our clients,” Kim proudly affirmed. “Our landlord, John Alday, has been so wonderful, and the space has been so much more than a temporary location. We’ve been there for one and a half years now, and have gained 2,600 new clients in that time! That just reinforces my belief that we are fulfilling a need by moving west.”

The new Cloud 9 will be a two-story,15,000 square foot building, with the 7,800 square-foot top-level dedicated to the salon, spa, and boutique. Additional spa services (and introducing med spa services) will be provided on the ground floor. “Picture New York-style loft and industrial glam. A completely new and dramatic look for us,” expressed Kim, excitement resonating in her voice. “The ground level also has room for three retail shops, so we’re looking for tenants now. We’re hoping to fulfill what we see as another need in this area, and that is to have shops where women can purchase clothes, hats, home goods, or even a gift. Our boutique area will be operated by Diane Hopper. Todd Weaver, leasing agent with Weaver Commercial, is reviewing potential tenants.”

It takes a staggering number of people and companies to execute a ground-up project like the new Cloud 9, beginning with family support. “The difference between now and 19 years ago when Cloud 9 Flower Mound was built, is that I was a single mom then,” Kim reflected. “Nathan, my son and current salon manager, has been such a great help to me. He grew up in the business and is a huge part of it. This is his future. My husband Christopher wasn’t in my life back then, and he’s been my chief cheerleader and motivator. He’s 100 percent with me on this.”

Support also comes from her extended family – the entire Cloud 9 team. “Kudos with love and thanks to this talented group for seeing the same vision I do,” Kim said. “This move will be a tremendous opportunity for them to grow, and I can’t wait to be there for it.”

There are countless pieces of the development puzzle that have to fit into place for a project like this to be successfully completed, beginning with the City of Bartonville’s administration, who have played a large part in the approval process for Cloud 9. The folks at PointBank are banking on the project. Alicia Fisher and Wendy Ruff with GHA designed the building, and Allison Fifer was an interior designer. Engineering is being handled by McAdams Engineering, and PGP Construction will build it. “We interviewed eight construction companies, and it was important that we connected with the one to build Cloud 9,” Kim confessed. “PGP was so excited to be on this journey with us.”

Despite over three years of delays and obstacles, Kim visualizes a happy new beginning. “I know it’s going to happen, and I believe this location is the perfect demographic for the future,” Kim remarked with conviction. “This journey – as crazy as it’s been and as long as it’s taken – has secured our faith in the project, and secured our faith in Christ, who tells us it’s going to be worth it in the end. A quote I once saw and is now posted on my Facebook page states, ‘Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.’ We’re excited, and I believe it’s safe to say we’ll be open by fall of 2023.”

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