Historical Fun Facts About Alliance, Texas

Alliance has become an ever-growing area that is held near and dear to residents’ hearts, and for good reason. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Alliance area. We understand the passion for this community and we wanted to contribute to that by presenting a few fun little historical facts about the Alliance area for all of its citizens to enjoy.

Fact #1
Alliance Airport is the second largest airport facility in North Texas, the largest being the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Fact #2
While Alliance Airport is the second-largest facility, currently it doesn’t offer any major commercial passenger airline services, focusing mainly on cargo operations.

Fact #3
Alliance Airport had its official groundbreaking ceremonies in July of 1988. The airport had its official opening on December 14, 1989.

Fact #4
Alliance Airport was developed by a partnering venture between the City of Fort Worth, the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as the Hillwood Development Company. The Hillwood Development Company is owned by Ross Perot Jr.

Fact #5
Were you aware that the Alliance Town Center is home to nearly 30 acres of parks, trails, and green areas?

Fact #6
The Alliance Town Center’s original blueprint was actually recognized as one of two developments in Texas to receive the LEED Certified Neighborhood Development certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Fact #7
The Alliance area consists of more than 230 acres of green space, 1 million gallons of reused water, 80 thousand planted trees, and more than 32 acres of sustainable landscaping.

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