Jay Marks is as Real as it Gets for 30 Years and Counting

Jay Marks Real Estate Group

Jay Marks has been blessed to experience practically every kind of real estate transaction during his career — the market’s highest of highs, lowest of lows, and all points in between. Many people might call his bluff on that. After all, most realtors these days, even successful ones like Jay and his team at Jay Marks Real Estate, couldn’t possibly have been in the business long enough to make a statement like that. Not to mention, what buyers and sellers have experienced over the past two or three years alone has been nothing short of unprecedented.

And yet, Jay stands by his claim. That’s because he very well may have seen it all — 30 years as a realtor will do that for a guy.

“I’ve been a realtor under five U.S. presidents,” Jay said, to put things into perspective. He was also quick to point out that he’s only 55. “I’ve seen crazy-high interest rates, disasters, national emergencies, pandemics — we’ve been to war and back. When 9/11 happened, we thought that was the end. So when I’m meeting with a client, there’s nothing they can tell me that I haven’t heard or seen before.” 

He added, “That experience, along with my resources, knowledge, skills, and always being there for my clients, is what sets me apart.”

Anyone who knows Jay Marks agrees that he’s always been the exception to the rule. While only 13% of realtors nationally make it beyond their two-year mark, Jay and his team have stood the test of time and created a legacy of excellence. They consistently sell over 100 homes a year in one of the more popular areas of North Texas and earn a living off of repeat business and referrals.

At the same time, his greatness lies in his humanity. His ability to be real, vulnerable, and loving keeps people coming back to him for his honest advice, down-to-earth personality, and genuine connections with people.

And as for the next 30 years — Jay isn’t going out on a limb when he says the customer experience will only get better from here. 

As of September 29, Jay’s firm, now known as Jay Marks Real Estate Group, has partnered with one of the fastest-growing national and global real estate franchises in Real Broker, LLC. It’s a move Jay promises will reshape his firm’s reach on a national scale while maintaining close ties to the roots they’ve developed right here in their own backyard. 

“I think we’ve done a great job establishing our brand in southern Denton County, and having this collaboration with Real Broker will only expand upon that,” Jay said. “The best part is that nothing changes for our clients and the experience they get when they choose us to represent them. If anything, it’ll get better. All the services, videos, marketing, and real estate experience we’re known and respected for won’t change — it’s merely a few word changes on a logo. But we will embrace the marketing power of this collaboration.”

The bottom line is that Jay Marks wants nothing more than to make a difference in his community. Beyond real estate, residents have spent time with Jay at local charity events, enjoyed reading his Foodie Friday articles that hype various local restaurants, and partnered with him and his team on business deals. And speaking of that team, he continues to surround himself with smart, capable agents their friends and clients trust because they are just as honest and genuine as Jay is.

“Buying a home can be a lot of fun. Selling a property to move to something different can be an adventure. But let’s be honest — moving is awful,” Jay said. “That’s why we take a different approach. We always have. We want to make sure people know that they matter, and we’ll keep giving back at a high level and tell the world about the community we live in here in Flower Mound, Texas.”

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