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A Perfect Marriage: Round Table Pizza & Fatburger

The iconic brands of Round Table Pizza and Fatburger were established in California in 1959 and 1952, respectively, and guided by the highest standards of quality for ingredients, recipes, and service. The two eateries didn’t arrive in Texas until nearly 50 years later, introduced by franchisees Mike Stern and his partner, Shelby Job.

“We’re all aware of the huge number of people moving to Texas from the West Coast,” Mike said. “Many of them are happy to see some of the favorites they left behind, which is why it made total sense to bring both brands to Texas. A large portion of our audience is already familiar with them and with their overall quality. We began the Texas expansion with just Round Table. Today, we have five with
three in Texas and two in Las Vegas.”

There was something else that made “total sense” to the partners, and that was putting Round Table and Fatburger under one roof. “It had never been done,” Mike said. “We presented the idea and were met with complete support.”

The Bartonville location is perfect. It’s not over-saturated with eating establishments in general, and not with quality pizza and burger offerings in particular. The word “quality” is very important, and a
cornerstone of both brands.

“Whether it’s the pizza or the burgers,” Mike said, “no corners are cut. We have a dough room, where people can watch the dough-making process. We use only the freshest possible ingredients for both Round Table and Fatburger, even making our onion rings from scratch.”

The restaurant provides a family-friendly atmosphere overlooking the Lantana golf course. It’s the first full-service dining experience for both brands, including a well-stocked bar and numerous TVs for easy game-day watching.

There are a lot of “firsts” riding on this venture, and from all indications, it will be followed by a string of seconds, thirds, fourths, and….

The grand opening is slated for Halloween.

3701 FM 407/#600
Bartonville, TX 76226

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