100% Fitness at Rockbox

Rockbox Fitness

These days, a gym is a gym is a gym until you find your way to the brand-spanking-new Rockbox in Corinth.

The first element that sets Rockbox apart is owner Ryan Stacy, 37. He’s harbored a hunger for business ownership since age 17. “I started and owned two LLCs before this,” he said. “They worked out fine, even made a little money, but Rockbox has my in-depth focus. The Corinth location is my first Rockbox, but it won’t be my last.”

The guiding philosophy for Rockbox is a significantly different model from other gym environments. It goes deeper than toned, fit, buff physiques — although those are definitely noteworthy benefits. The formula for this new facility reads, “Physical fitness encourages mental/emotional fitness, which encourages healthy and stable self-confidence.” It’s a formula that produces a 100% fit individual.

“I believe I have a calling to help people,” Ryan said, “and I see this as a way to help the total person. My dad was a colonel in the Army. He was, and still is, very self-disciplined. He became the head pathologist for a company after retiring from the Army. I inherited a lot of his organized discipline.”

His dad also has encouraged Ryan to be athletic since he was a toddler. “He also taught me the meaning of character attributes such as honesty and integrity. I lost two grandparents during COVID. That shook me up enough to realize there is no time to waste. I needed to help myself and others be physically fit and mentally alert.”

Ryan’s introduction to Rockbox was through the Flower Mound location where he worked out. Interestingly, his trainer at Flower Mound is now the lead trainer at Ryan’s Corinth studio. He was also the one who sold him on the Rockbox fitness model from their first conversation.

Shared goals at Rockbox include a fit and healthy lifestyle, the discovery and development of personal strengths, the opportunity to connect with others, and the desire to exceed original goals.

“There is no judgement here,” Ryan emphasized, “and no one ever feels alone on his or her journey. This is a place where you can work at your own pace and feel a true sense of belonging. It’s a community — a place to go and to be.”

Ryan went on to say, “There is no judgement, but there is accountability. Someone will reach out and check on you if you miss a session or two. That’s one of the things a community is about. We want to know if you’re going through any kind of rough spot and if we can help. I want to personally encourage kindness, and a policy of watching out for our neighbors. Neighbors can refer to where we live or to the members of our gym family.”

One fundamental belief at Rockbox is that fitness begins in the kitchen. That’s where critical decision-making begins, which is why members are given access to custom meal plans, grocery lists, and meal prep guides.

There is a positive, upbeat atmosphere in the Rockbox space, including lights and music. “That’s why one of our catchphrases is ‘Where the Fight Club meets the Night Club.’” Ryan chuckled. “We incorporate the basics of boxing into our program. Some of the added advantages are that boxing burns fat, it builds muscle, and it provides a natural, mental ‘high.’ We also use high-intensity workouts. While all of this is going on, each individual’s self-confidence is increasing because each physical plateau brings a mental plateau with it.”

Ryan is a true believer in this program. “My most important motivation is the deep belief that this is a way for me to help people.”

As Ryan said, helping people is his calling. He and wife Emily are licensed foster parents. He volunteers his time at charitable organizations and, beginning with the pandemic, he became involved with an on-line broadcasting program to bring church to people kept at home by COVID.

The Corinth location of Rockbox isn’t quite ready for to open, but it’s coming soon. For more information about classes, membership, and more, go to Rockbox.com/Corinth. Someone will reach out to you quickly with information.

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