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From College Buddies to IT Innovators: The Journey of Brian Davis and Joe Craven

Brian Davis and Joe Craven are right where they envisioned themselves years ago, although the path they took to get there was far from straightforward. College buddies at Texas Tech and the University of Texas at Arlington over a quarter-century ago, they had the gut feeling they were both destined for notable careers. They even imagined a professional future where they’d collaborate, but they didn’t picture their starting point being a modest convenience store in Euless, Texas.

It took some creative thinking and a willingness to pivot for them to find their true calling. Joe landed an IT help desk job that offered a significantly higher wage than the convenience store gig. Sensing an opportunity, he strongly encouraged Brian to consider it, despite Brian’s initial reservations.“I was studying economics at the time,” Brian chuckled. “Computers were not my thing.” But Joe was not to be deterred.

“For several weekends, Brian came over to my place, and we dove deep into IT essentials. We explored everything, from what makes up a PC to how to install an operating system. He honed his skills and got the job. That marked our entry into IT.”

Fast-forward to today, and they’re co-owners of On-Site PC Services, a thriving IT solutions firm based in Roanoke. Brian’s passion for technology quickly propelled him through the ranks at companies like Texas Instruments. Then, in 2001, he took the entrepreneurial leap to establish OSPC. What began as a small family venture has quickly become a 24/7 managed IT support operation, with a client roster of over 130 companies that would rather outsource their tech troubles than grapple with them in-house. A couple of years ago, Brian sensed it was the perfect time to bring Joe back into the picture.

“I had spent more than two decades as a CIO for law firms, most of it out of state,” Joe said. “After so many years in legal, I was looking for a fresh challenge. When Brian involved me in several projects, it reignited my enthusiasm for this sector. I knew it was where I needed to be.”

Now, On-Site PC Services caters to a wide range of clients, managing about 2,500 desktops, primarily in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex but also across the nation. Their objective is straightforward yet crucial — to relieve businesses of the complexities of IT operations. They provide a spectrum of services, from help desk and cybersecurity solutions to cloud management and disaster recovery. With a team of highly skilled professionals monitoring systems 24/7, they offer continuous protection to their clients. But they’re not just troubleshooters — they’re committed relationship builders.

“We aim to be the go-to source for all IT needs, irrespective of a company’s size,” Brian said. “The harsh reality is that running your IT department is a cumbersome task. We alleviate that pressure through our deep experience and skillset.”

He added, “We’re proud to say that all our technicians are locally based. We don’t outsource a thing. This focus on local talent contributes to our stellar 95% client retention rate. We have clients who’ve trusted us for almost 20 years.”

Joe nodded in agreement. “By engaging closely with our clients every day, we’re better positioned to understand their unique needs. That’s the key to delivering impeccable service. We’re not just looking to fix problems. We’re here to build enduring partnerships in the IT industry.”

Check out On-Site PC Services at or 817-306-6106.

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