Three’s Company

One-stop shopping is a luxury amidst hurried lives. What if it was possible to streamline self-care, too – one location to care for heart, body, and soul? Robyn Arbogast, Laura Westbrook, and Lorri Manley have inadvertently created just that – distinct but overlapping businesses housed under one roof.

Laura’s Hope Rising Counseling practice has been operational here since 2019. Robyn, the owner of Pure Synergy Wellness Studio, moved her business from the Oakmont area in January 2021, and Lorri, motivated by a need for more space, finalized moving Restore YOUth Med Spa earlier this year. Together, they now have the unique opportunity to offer Lake Cities residents a multidisciplinary respite from the cares of the world.

Pure Synergy Wellness Studio has been helping our community lead healthier, happier lives since 2015. They strive to assist people to feel better about their bodies, learn to trust their intuition, and heal themselves inside out. They are a one-stop wellness and movement center with a growing team of expert professionals.

“We started with bodywork and energy work, and that mindset organically flows into our yoga studio,” Robyn said. “There is Western yoga and Traditional yoga, and we are right in the middle. We want you to move your body, but we also want you to get the emotional and mental releases you deserve. So, it is slower and more purposeful.”

Complementing the yoga studio, you will also discover wellness, therapeutic and deep-tissue massage, skincare, crystal and energy healing, and life coaching. You can even pick out the perfect holiday gift in our unique boutique or surprise loved ones with a gift card.

At Hope Rising Counseling, Laura is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) helping individuals and couples overcome many forms of trauma, abuse, and grief. Her trauma-informed approach offers a framework for clients to dismantle deep-seated emotional patterns while also tending to traumatic energy stored in the body.

“Formative stories don’t get so deeply buried they no longer have a pulse affecting our lives,” Laura says. Trauma, loss, and shame profoundly impact our capacity to experience emotional resiliency, true healing, and healthy relationships. “Helping clients to tell their stories with truth and integrity, to engage in life-giving relationships with God, themselves, and others brings me tremendous joy.”

Laura’s Story Group is one avenue she provides for clients entering the healing process. “Knowing and understanding our life’s trajectory requires intentional consideration of the core stories and dynamics guiding it, and we cannot accurately read ourselves in isolation,” Laura suggested. “This work is vital to growing a deeper capacity for living into our true calling.”

Lastly, Restore YOUth MedSpa believes beauty is being the best you possible. Lorri is a Licensed Aesthetic Professional and Laser Expert with 15 years of experience, eight of those as a clinical educator for medical Aesthetic Laser Manufacturers.

Lorri is uniquely qualified in multiple Laser treatments, such as hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation. She also specializes in medical-grade chemical peels, injectables (dermal filler and Botox), micro-blading, and body tightening and contouring. “It’s not always about repairing skin cosmetically,” Lorri said. “I’ve had numerous clients with surgical scars come to me for treatment, and being able to help them feel better about themselves is a big part of why I do what I do!”

Lorri added, “Keeping up with the latest technology in the industry is a passion of mine, and I strive to give all my clients the safest and most effective treatments available.”

What this dynamic trio has in common is a desire to offer help where help is needed. Their distinct services are truly synergistic. “It is not unusual to find me in Robyn’s office at times,” Laura said, “It is important that I practice the same self-care I promote for my clients.”

“There are people who need help in different ways,” Robyn said. “Our proximity offers the opportunity to help clients find the appropriate service that best fits their needs. I now have someone to refer out to that is a stone’s throw away.”

Lorri agreed, adding, “It’s an opportunity to combine what we are all individually good at to help the whole person.”

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