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Snapshot of Denton County with Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell

Each year, United Way of Denton County compiles a snapshot of needs across our county that helps all of us realize just how much we have grown and how we can work together to address the needs of some of our residents.

Let us first start with the fast-paced growth we have experienced. In 2010, Denton County was home to 665,833 people. In 2023, we surpassed the one million mark with an estimated 1,006,492 residents and about 86 new people moving in every day. That reflects a growth of 51.2 percent, more than twice the 20.7 percent growth rate across Texas in the same period and five times more than the 9.4 percent growth in the U.S. This growth brings lots of opportunities, with around $1.14 billion in new companies announcing moves into our county including Carhartt, DrinkPak, McMaster-Carr, Schluter, and Wells Fargo. Just these five companies will bring more than 1,500 jobs, paying about $70,000 to $80,000 in annual salaries.

From one end of the county to the other, you can see construction of new homes, apartments, retail stores, and office complexes. However, with growth comes higher need. Statistics show more than 102,000 Denton County households earn less than what they spend each month, with 8 percent at the poverty level and 21 percent at high risk. That equals 1-in-3 households across Denton County that are having financial difficulties.

Looking deeper into the statistics, we know that a number of households at risk are in Denton, Lewisville, and Carrollton. What you might not realize is that these households are also in every other
community across our county – ranging from 775 in Aubrey and 4,448 in Flower Mound to 418 in Trophy Club and 3,895 in Little Elm. We also know that more than 60 percent of these households are single moms with children who live below the survival threshold in Denton County. More than 42 percent of our seniors over age 65 who live on fixed incomes also are in need. The survival wage for a family of four living in Denton County with two working adults is $71,508 a year or a combined hourly wage of $34.37. If there are children in need of daycare in the family, the survival wage increases to $80,004 per year or $38.46 an hour.

Statistics from our 11 school districts reflect the same numbers. An estimated 35.8 percent — 48,687 students — in Denton County schools are economically disadvantaged. The numbers are concerning for all of us as we work together with our towns, cities, school districts, and nonprofits to create opportunities to help these families succeed in Denton County. As we plan our upcoming holiday celebrations and think of a new year soon to follow, let us all keep these families in mind. Whether you adopt an angel from the annual Salvation Army Angel Tree, drop change into a red kettle, or buy toys to give to Denton County MHMR or Community Partners, every donation counts.

I hope we will all continue to work together to find solutions that will help every one of our residents live and thrive in Denton County. We owe it to ourselves and to each other.

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