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Compassionate Skill and Strength When Your Family Needs it Most

Burrows Law Group

Adam Burrows eases back in his chair, adjusts his blue sport coat, and proudly looks around his plush conference room. It’s been two months since he and his growing team at Burrows Law Group moved into their new facility in Flower Mound, and though everything still has that modern new-home smell, there’s a strong and undeniable hint of time-honored tradition in the air. “My dad instituted this firm’s morals, values, and policies all those years ago,” Adam said. His father, Dale, started the practice in 2005 and proudly passed it on to Adam in 2015. “We’ve not only held onto those values, but they make us who we are.” It should be no surprise that Adam’s first steps as a small boy were in a law firm. For the longest time, it was all he knew. When he was in the second grade, someone asked him at a school event what he wanted to be when he grew up, and at least at the time, he said he wanted to be just like his dad. Dale wanted that life for his son, too, and always felt like he’d make a great attorney someday. But as time passed, Adam admits he was incredibly resistant to following in his father’s well-respected footsteps. In fact, he was the type of kid who did the complete opposite of whatever you asked him to do. “I didn’t see the value in it at first,” Adam said of possibly going through law school and teaming up with his father.

“I did eventually, and I consider myself very blessed to be in my current position. But I needed to experience a little bit of life before I could credibly focus on helping people and advising them on how to deal with life, kids, and their problems. It certainly helps.” Fast forward to today, and Burrows Law Group is excelling under Adam’s leadership. He earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the prestigious Texas A&M School of Law and was selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, an honor only bestowed upon less than 2.5% of Texas lawyers. His extensive courtroom and mediation experience in the complex areas of divorce, child custody, adoption, and family law has earned him high praise from countless judges, opposing counsel, and clients who put their faith in his legal skills and innate ability to be a constant voice for those who do not have the power to speak for themselves. More importantly, he has used his position as a respected legal professional to further the careers of younger attorneys while at the same time attracting veteran attorneys who want to be part of his team.

As a result, what was once a firm of two is now a team of 12, including five attorneys. Joining Adam are attorneys Jennifer Hicks, Clair Rivera, Daniel Dower, and Brielle Ward. Adam’s wife of 18 years, Dr. Jessica Burrows, is the firm’s in-house counselor, and Dale can still be called upon as additional counsel. “Clair also doubles as our firm administrator, and Jennifer is a senior attorney with over 20 years of experience. Daniel celebrated four years with us last month, and Brielle is coming up on one year with our firm,” Adam said. “And, of course, where would we be without our amazing support staff that keeps us on track every day? Plenty of law groups exist in this area, but our reputation is solid, and we put our money where our mouth is. We aren’t going to sit here and blow smoke or make false promises. We do good work, and we’re kind. I’m slightly biased, but I feel comfortable that our brand represents our values here.” He added, “We’re the constant — the compass if you will — for people who may be a little bit lost in their lives. I joke that my first steps were in a law firm. This is literally where I am called to be, and all I want to do is help people when they need it most.”

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