American Made, Family Owned

Adams Furniture in Justin

There’s something to be said about a family-owned business that prides itself on providing American-made products; a business that offers quality customer service and values its customers. Finding a business that follows these values is a diamond in the rough these days. But when you do find that hidden gem, you stay with them for the long haul. That’s what you’ll find when you walk through the doors of Adam’s Furniture.

Not only has Adam’s Furniture been family-owned and operated since its beginning, but it’s also been in the same building since 1938. “We’re not a come and go type of store. We’ve been here and we’re going to continue to be here,” Adam’s Furniture owner Jim Smith said.

But don’t let the store’s long life span fool you, there’s nothing dated about Adam’s Furniture. Along with 85 percent of the store’s inventory being American-made, every single item that they sell is completely on-trend. “It’s what sets us apart,” Jim said. “We are American-focused. We sell American-made furniture which employs American citizens. The thing about American-made furniture is that the craftsmanship is superior to imported furniture.” This means that when you shop at Adam’s Furniture, you know that you’ll be receiving the highest quality furniture that you can buy.

But not only is their furniture top quality, their customer service is also unmatched. When you’re a customer at Adam’s Furniture, you’re going to get flashbacks to a time when customer service was the most important part of any business. “Quality customer service has gone to the wayside in the last ten years or so,” Jim added. “At Adam’s Furniture, we treat people right.”

While Jim Smith isn’t legally an Adam, he’s still as close to family as you can get. Jim began working at Adam’s Furniture when he was a freshman in high school. When he began college at the University of North Texas he continued to work at the store part-time. “I worked there for 10 years. I was the longest employee that they had,” Jim said.

Upon graduation, the Adam family approached Jim about considering taking over the business to which Jim agreed. “We negotiated a price and I took ownership in 1982. It will be 40 years in September,” Jim mentioned.

It didn’t take too long into his ownership for Jim to make the decision to start offering American-made products. He was in North Carolina to attend one of the largest Furniture Markets in America. Jim was watching the news in his hotel room and watched the news anchor interview civilians attending the Furniture Market. “At the time, a number of companies were leaving and going to China,” Jim recalled. “The news anchors were asking people if they would rather buy an American-made product or save $200 and buy an imported product from China. And almost all of them said that they would rather save the $200.”

Hearing those words was a hard pill for Jim to swallow. “People didn’t realize what that meant. North Carolina was at 30% unemployment at the time. Factory workers were losing their jobs. Yes, you’ll save $200, but your friend or your neighbor would be out of a job,” Jim said.

On top of the local support that buying American-made furniture provides, there’s also no comparison to the quality of the products. “They don’t build things in China like Americans do,” Jim commented.

But the fact that they sell American products isn’t the only thing that keeps customers coming back to Adam’s Furniture. Jim and his team truly go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience. “We’re a full-service store. We offer a full delivery service. We will deliver your product, carry it inside and place it where you want it to be. You don’t have to touch it until you’re ready to use it,” Jim said.

Jim and his team are committed to providing a wholesome and enjoyable experience to every customer that walks in their doors. When it comes to a quality experience, you won’t find better from start to finish than Adam’s Furniture in Justin.

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