Faith in Action

There is an abundance of miracles and magic sprinkled throughout our everyday lives, but unfortunately for many of us, we never see them and seldom reap the beauty of their benefits. The truth is miracles and magic manifest only for those who believe in the existence of what they cannot see. In other words, for those who hold tight to an unwavering faith….for those such as Monica Windham.

It was a worrisome day 15 years ago when Monica was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease in her spine. She and her husband, Victor, were disturbed by the news, but at least they finally had a name to attach to Monica’s unremitting pain. What they didn’t have was a warning about just how tormenting the condition would become. In hindsight, maybe that was a good thing.

“I did everything to find relief,” recalled Monica. “The pain became progressively worse, until I was unable to do even the simplest household chores. I couldn’t empty the dishwasher. I couldn’t dust and using the vacuum was out of the question. And, of course, even the easiest yardwork was impossible. There was no lifting and no laundry. Victor waited on me, took care of me, supported me, and protected me.”

Monica endured injections and was rewarded with maybe, three days of reduced pain. She visited chiropractors with no positive results. She began using a cane. Then came a walker. The debilitating and repetitive circle of endless pain began taking its toll. Anxiety and depression entered the cycle. Monica began sleeping – a lot. Prescribed pain pills became less and less effective, so she began swallowing them more frequently.

“I quit the pain pills,” she confessed, “because I was afraid of addiction. Things really took a terrifying turn in March of 2021 when I couldn’t move my right leg.

“My doctors all recommended surgery, a horrible-sounding procedure done through my stomach. They would insert metal rods and discs in my spine, but one of the results would be significantly compromised mobility.

“I had x-rays. They showed all the discs in my lower spine were deteriorated. I was functioning bone-on-bone. They also did a bone density test, which showed level three (from four) osteoporosis. That meant surgery was impossible because my bones weren’t strong enough to hold the rods and other metal.”

Monica and Victor, who live in Corinth, were faithful attendees at Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound until COVID shut the doors.

“I’m the first to confess we fell out of the habit of going after COVID forced us to miss so many Sundays, but my sister returned to services when the quarantines lifted. As soon as she heard about my paralyzed right leg, she strongly insisted I attend a prayer meeting. This was my last hope, so I agreed.”

Monica and Victor got ready for church, but there was nothing ordinary about their preparations. Monica knew what she knew, and what she knew was that a miracle was waiting for her. She felt it. She saw it. There was not the slightest doubt in her mind that she wouldn’t leave Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound as a much different person from the one who walked in with the physical support of her husband of nearly 30 years.

“It was the Fall of 2021,” Monica recalled. “My paralyzed leg began shaking uncontrollably as I walked to the prayer area. Victor was beside me when a group of ladies began praying over me for bone healing. I felt like I was floating. I felt warm. What I didn’t feel was that terrible, constant pain that I’d dragged around for 15 years. It was gone, and it’s been gone for nearly two years.

“I don’t use a cane. I don’t use a walker. I vacuum, do laundry, dust, empty the dishwasher, pick up things, and lift. I work in my yard. I’ll be 50 this year, and I feel 20! You’ve never seen anyone as joyful and as grateful to do housework as I am!

“My mind and eyes are so open! I’ve begun painting. I’ve enrolled in online biblical studies. I tell people what happened to me, and I’m not bashful about telling them they’ll never find a miracle if they don’t believe and look.

“I believed in mine, and I found it!”

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