Friend, not Food

A celebrity has moved into Timberbrook and she’s been strutting her stuff. No, it’s not Kim Kardashian – her name is Miss. Butterball and she’s a wild turkey!

About a month ago, Miss. Butterball took a liking to the neighborhood and quickly became the best part of everyone’s day. Timberbrook homeowner Lannie Steinbacher doted on Miss. Butterball’s friendly nature, saying, “We are all greeted by Miss. Butterball every morning at the neighborhood’s entrance”.

Residents of the neighborhood aren’t the only ones who have become invested. The students of a teacher from Timberbrook frequently ask for updates on Miss. Butterball’s adventures and her well being. There is even an online group dedicated to posting snapshots and updates about the latest sightings!

After a long day of being followed by paparazzi, Miss. Butterball climbs a telephone pole for a good night’s rest where she’s safe from potential predators. It seems Miss. Butterball is adjusting well to her new home, and Timberbrook is just as excited about their new addition to the neighborhood. It’s safe to say this beloved turkey will still be around long after Thanksgiving.

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