Liz Stewart: Leading with Compassion and Vision in School Finance

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Liz Stewart’s path in school finance began with a fortuitous opportunity in her hometown school
district shortly after she graduated from college. Her parents had close ties to the education
system, so Liz was naturally drawn to work in this field. Since then, she has dedicated her
career to school finance, currently holding the position of Chief Financial Officer in Argyle ISD.
Throughout her professional life, Liz has found inspiration in Dr. Wright, her colleague and
leader for the past 12 years. Dr. Wright’s unwavering dedication, compassion, and commitment
to prioritizing students’ best interests have inspired Liz and the entire team. Dr. Wright has set a
remarkable example for them, emphasizing the importance of always keeping students at the
heart of decision-making processes.
To young women aspiring to be leaders, Liz advises, “Be true to yourself and your core values
while pursuing a successful leadership role. Authenticity and staying grounded in one’s
principles are essential traits of effective leaders.”
For Liz, the most critical qualities of a successful leader include compassion, empathy, vision,
and active listening. A successful leader must genuinely care for the well-being of their team
and those they serve, possess the ability to understand and connect with others, and have a
clear vision for the future. Additionally, being an active and empathetic listener fosters an
environment of collaboration and mutual respect.
As with any career, stress can be a challenge. However, Liz copes with stress by setting
boundaries and dedicating quality time to her family. Striking a healthy work-life balance is
crucial, and having time to unwind and spend with loved ones helps her to manage stress
Having served in school finance for 27 years, with the last 12 years in Argyle, Liz expresses
immense gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the Argyle community. Argyle has been a
place of growth and fulfillment for Liz and her family, allowing them to thrive personally and
Liz Stewart exemplifies how passion, dedication, and a commitment to core values can lead to a
successful and fulfilling career. As the CFO of Argyle ISD, Liz continues to make a positive
impact on the education system while inspiring others to lead with compassion and vision. Her
story stands as a reminder that staying true to oneself and embracing empathy are powerful
assets in the realm of leadership, fostering an environment of growth and prosperity for all.

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