All for One LISD

Under the leadership of Dr. Lori Rapp, Lewisville ISD turns its focus to a campaign centered around connection to unite the district.

For 120 years, Lewisville Independent School District has been proud to serve the families who call the district home. What began with a handful of students in the early 1900s has now expanded to include 50,000 students spread out across 127 square miles over 13 individual municipalities. For all its history and successes over the decades, recent circumstances have created a feeling of disconnect among the students, staff, and families of LISD.

Now, at a time when community is needed most in the world of education, LISD is uniting under a new campaign to create a sense of belonging from The Colony to Flower Mound and everywhere in between – One LISD.

Under the guidance of recently appointed Superintendent Dr. Lori Rapp, the Lewisville ISD administration has developed a marketing, communication, and branding plan that was recently launched ahead of the 2022-23 school year. These plans are intended to focus on strengthening the bonds between schools and the community, while also creating close partnerships with families to share positive news and happenings around LISD.

“We are excited to launch the One LISD campaign,” Dr. Rapp said. “I want to continue to show everyone in the Lewisville ISD community that we are a family here, and that everyone has an important role to play. It’s important to emphasize what I’ve been calling the three C’s of community engagement: culture, connection, and communication. If we all work together to foster these, I believe we’ll continue to thrive.”

The One LISD campaign arrives on the heels of Dr. Rapp’s first six months as LISD Superintendent, which saw her traveling to each of the district’s 69 campuses to share her story with students and staff. “Rapp on the Road,” as it came to be known, allowed her to become more acquainted with the unique challenges that each individual school is facing, and allowed staff to voice their needs and concerns for the future. With One LISD, Dr. Rapp hopes to shape an authentic and interconnected environment within the district.

“We’re very fortunate to have a district that brings together so many individuals, each with their own important and unique backgrounds and experiences,” Dr. Rapp added. “The culture of Lewisville ISD is built around supporting and respecting every single person who calls this district home, working to build each other up, and helping each other accomplish our goals. We want to encourage positive and enriching development that sets our students and staff up for future success.”

Creating a supportive atmosphere across the district is also a key element of One LISD.

“It’s no secret that we cover a lot of ground in Lewisville ISD,” admitted Dr. Rapp. “It can take you an hour to drive from one end to the other, so one of our challenges is – and has always been – building the connection across LISD. We want to make sure every campus understands that what is happening on their campus is not happening in a bubble. Instead, it impacts the entire LISD community and our entire district family. Their challenges are all of our challenges, and we’ll work together to overcome them. Their successes are also all of our successes, and we all come together to celebrate.”

In order to accomplish the goals of One LISD, Dr. Rapp has worked closely with the district leaders to develop strategies and action plans for both district and campus-level efforts. These cover a slew of platforms and will bolster standards across social media and websites, place a greater emphasis on campus communication between staff and families, and provide new tools and resources for distributing content and messaging.

“I truly believe that communication is everything in education,” expressed Dr. Rapp. “It has been a key focus of mine since becoming Superintendent, and so far we have received a lot of positive feedback from campuses and the stakeholders across our communities.”

Lewisville ISD families can expect to see One LISD messaging beginning in late July and throughout the school year, which begins August 10. The excitement around the district is palpable as Dr. Rapp prepares to enter her first full school year at the helm.

“The 26 years I have spent in LISD have been the most rewarding of my life, and I’m beyond thrilled to see what we can build together as we move forward in this exciting new direction. We are ONE Lewisville ISD.”

To stay up to date with Lewisville ISD as the 2022-23 school year approaches, visit LISD.net or follow @LewisvilleISD on all social media platforms.

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