Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is approaching quickly – it’s on June 19th, by the way. So with that said, what do you plan to get the “old man” this year? You could go with another tie or a pair of those fancy moisture-wicking socks you saw at Dick’s Sporting Goods. But will he be happy with that? Odds are – he won’t. We scoured the Internet and put together a shortlist of popular 2022 gift ideas for dear old dad. Even if this list isn’t perfect, these gifts ARE better than another tie.

A Universal Remote for All of His Devices
We’ve all seen the TV shows where the dad is always dreaming of the remote that controls everything. Well, it’s a tech-savvy world, and it looks like you can make that happen for dear old dad this year with the Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote. It can turn on lights, automatically set up a BluRay player or stereo, and activate other devices so that they turn on as soon as he
comes home.

Gift Cards & Lots of Them
Let’s face it, sometimes Dad is the most simplistic human being on the planet.He doesn’t want or need fancy trips, the spa treatment, or even a trip to watch the Rangers. Sometimes all it takes is two or three quality gift cards. Not only does that show you care, but it gives him the choice of what to get himself for Father’s Day.

Cornhole Game Boards
Hands down, Cornhole is the best backyard game of all time. If your dad doesn’t have at least one board and a few bean bags, he’s missing out. Go a step further and get them personalized or go with a sports-themed version.

New Grilling Tools & Outdoor
Kitchen Accessories

Guys love to grill, and since summertime is practically upon us, a great idea would be to make sure Dad gets an upgrade on his utensils and various grill master accessories. This can be anything from utensils to kegerators, wood pellets, pans and racks, and new rubs and sauces. You can find them anywhere, including local stores like Grill This BBQ Supply in Highland Village.

Concert Tickets or Sporting Events
Treat Dad to a day at the ballpark watching the Rangers do their thing (hopefully winning). There are also plenty of concert and event options at American Airlines Center or even Bass Hall in Fort Worth. Want to go crazy and get out of town, make a weekend trip out of state to go see his favorite band. That’s a memory worth creating.

A Round or Two of Golf
Is your dad a fan of a good round of golf? There are dozens of courses all around to choose from! So, why not treat him to a round of golf? You could even offer to be his caddy for the day.
It’s a gift that every golf-loving dad will love.

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