Empowering Education: Lori Rapp’s Impact as the Superintendent of Lewisville ISD

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Lori Rapp, the Superintendent of Schools for Lewisville Independent School District, has had a remarkable journey that started with a deep inspiration from her 3rd-grade teacher, Mrs. Robertson. During a challenging time when Lori’s father left her family, Mrs. Robertson’s guidance and support kept her on track academically. Witnessing the profound impact of teachers and schools, Lori was inspired to become a part of the educational field.

After graduating from Texas Tech University in 1996, Lori joined Lewisville ISD as a math teacher at The Colony High School. With a growing passion for education, she pursued a Master’s degree at Texas Woman’s University and took on a role supporting the mathematics curriculum district-wide. The experience of supporting all schools in LISD showcased the power of creating opportunities to impact education positively. Later, Lori was appointed as the Chief Learning and Teaching Officer by Dr. Kevin Rogers, the Superintendent at the time. Her journey of learning continued, and she earned her Doctoral degree in educational leadership from Dallas Baptist University, acquiring her Superintendent certification.

Throughout her career, Lori has drawn inspiration from various female leaders within LISD and the community. However, her ultimate inspiration comes from her mother, who taught her the importance of faith, hard work, and maintaining a positive attitude regardless of circumstances. Additionally, her 3rd grade teacher instilled in her the significance of understanding and knowing the stories of students.

For young women aspiring to become leaders, Lori’s advice is to embrace authenticity. Being true to oneself while developing leadership skills and pursuing opportunities is essential. She also encourages young women not to strive for perfection in all aspects of life, as it can lead to unnecessary stress.

As a successful leader herself, Lori believes that genuine care and concern for others are fundamental qualities of effective leadership. Building relationships based on trust and being an attentive listener are key elements in serving others. The words of Maya Angelou resonate with her, emphasizing the lasting impact of how leaders make others feel. Continual learning, personal growth, and integrity are qualities Lori embodies as a leader.

To deal with stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance, Lori stays connected to the things that bring her joy and meaning in life: her faith, family, and the LISD community. By staying close to her calling and purpose, she remains rejuvenated and energized. Lori prioritizes spending time in classrooms, campuses, and community events, connecting with students, staff, and the community.

Having dedicated her entire career to LISD, Lori feels honored to serve as the first female Superintendent of the district. She aspires to be a role model for girls, including her own daughters, encouraging them to pursue their goals and leadership opportunities.

In her current role, Lori’s primary focus is on community engagement. Under her leadership, LISD’s vision revolves around student learning, student experience, resource stewardship, and community engagement. She believes that a strong community connection positively impacts public education. By uniting as One LISD, supporting staff and schools, and actively involving the community in various educational endeavors, Lori aims to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive and excel.

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