Creating Exquisite Smiles for All Ages


Everyone wants stunning, straight teeth. Equally important is having a healthy mouth, and it takes both to result in a beautiful, radiant smile. If your teeth are misaligned, they’re more difficult to clean, more prone to chipping and wearing down, and will certainly have a negative impact on your appearance. You’ll need the help of an orthodontist, and Dr. David Dyer and his practice, Argyle Orthodontics, is the clear choice. Thanks to him, the Argyle community is all smiles. Gorgeous, Texas-sized smiles.

This is a family-friendly practice, offering the highest level of specialized care and an unrivaled patient experience. Dr. Dyer treats each smile individually, and evaluates each patient with a comprehensive approach. His education, military background, experience, and passion for orthodontics have prepared him to give you every reason to choose Argyle Orthodontics.

A graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Dental School, Dr. Dyer then joined the Navy, serving military members and their families as a general dentist and orthodontist.

After thirteen years of active-duty service, Dr. Dyer concluded his distinguished naval career having earned the rank of lieutenant commander, and the Dyer family returned home to Argyle. His father, Dr. James Dyer, had a successful orthodontic practice in Argyle. “He is responsible for sparking my interest in the profession,” Dr. Dyer confessed. “His professionalism, high standard of care, and work-life balance motivated me to follow in his footsteps. In 2017 I bought my father’s business when he retired.”

Dr. Dyer and his dedicated team at Argyle Orthodontics are passionate about serving others, and taking care of your entire family’s oral health through orthodontic treatment. They provide services to patients of all ages. “Of course, we treat teens and adolescents, but we also do a lot of early treatment on younger children,” Dr. Dyer explained. “We also commonly treat adults, even seniors. No matter what age you are, we can help you find the best treatment option.”

In many cases, proper timing is critical.  When it comes to orthodontic treatment, early exams – as the child’s face and jaws are developing – allow Dr. Dyer to focus on proper development of upper and lower jaws, face, and airway, in addition to moving teeth. “This ‘Phase 1’ orthodontic treatment is one of the most important things we do for our patients,” Dr. Dyer emphasized. “Since 90% of facial growth is achieved by age 12, we highly recommend children be seen by 6 or 7 years old. There are many valuable benefits that can be achieved during this stage of development that could not be accomplished if treatment was delayed until later years.”

Most Phase 1 treatments last for 12 to 16 months, and typically include various types of expanders, as well as braces.  Expanders are used to correct narrow jaws and crowding of teeth, which can contribute to breathing problems. “The expanders we use are cutting edge technology,” commented Dr. Dyer. “Created from digitally printed metal bands, they are less bulky and more streamlined than in the past. They also eliminate the need for extra appointments to place separators or fitting bands around teeth.”

Patients who have had a Phase 1 treatment still typically need a second phase to straighten the rest of their teeth once all the permanent teeth have erupted.  Dr. Dyer explained that for many of these patients, their Phase 2 treatment is quicker and easier, and more like the “icing on the cake,” since much of the foundation has been laid with the work done during the first phase.  Dr. Dyer acknowledged that many patients can still be treated in a single round of comprehensive treatment if they didn’t have needs that required orthodontic intervention at an earlier age.

These days, patients have options when choosing braces. Traditional metal braces still produce outstanding results, and younger patients love choosing from a variety of fun colors. For a more subtle look, tooth-colored braces that blend in might be your choice.

“For our braces, we also use the highest quality, modern brackets which are low profile and self-ligating, minimizing the friction between the wire and the braces,” Dr. Dyer said. “Used with gentle, super-elastic archwires, patients can go longer between visits, and with fewer adjustment appointments than with older brackets.”

In case you haven’t heard, 40 is the new 30. People are living longer and taking better care of their bodies, inside and out. It’s becoming more commonplace for older adults to pursue orthodontic treatment in order to feel confident about their smile. Naturally, this contingent turns to Dr. Dyer for a solution. In many cases, the answer is Invisalign, customized clear aligners that work like braces, and are the most “invisible” option for straightening teeth.  “We treat a lot of adults, even some in their 80’s,” Dr. Dyer noted.

Many folks who suffer from headaches and pain in their jaws or neck don’t realize that these issues might be caused by problems associated with the TMJ, a joint where your lower jaw connects to the base of your skull. Dr. Dyer typically treats TMJ problems with a custom-made splint and neuromuscular therapy to allow muscles to relax.

Argyle Orthodontics uses nothing but state-of-the-art technology, including the newest model of an iTero digital scanner.  Dr. Dyer explained in detail, “Our scanner generates detailed digital models of our patients’ teeth that can be used for many purposes. We can generate hi definition photos, simulate treatment results, and use those scans to create appliances such as expanders, retainers, and Invisalign aligners.”

Another benefit of their technology is that many people have sensitive gag reflexes and don’t like having impressions or molds made from their teeth. The digital scanner allows them to fabricate many appliances without the need for a physical impression, which their patients greatly appreciate.

Dr. Dyer is sincere when he says, “At Argyle Orthodontics, we’re excited to provide every individual with the highest level of care, and we achieve exquisite results for our patients of all ages.”

Argyle Orthodontics creates spectacular smiles, so brace yourself for finally having the smile of your dreams!

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