Business Spotlight: Updating Your Space with Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

These are crazy times we are living in. But, what a great opportunity to access your personal space and see what you can improve on! Now more than ever, we are realizing the usability (or lack) of our properties. With all the time spent around the house, maybe you’re considering extending or adding that patio space, updating or adding a pool, or maybe you’re not really sure what direction to go — you just know creating some more usable space is what you’re after.

There are many directions to take whatever vision you have depending on space available, what your personal goals are, and overall budget. RIGHT NOW is a great time to get the ball rolling. Start generating ideas and budgets. Keep in mind as you start the process to not get caught up worrying with too many details. Think big picture and focus on the larger components. Most of the time, that will frame out your details for you. Many times, as we think about a project, all the small items (selections, materials, trim options) can be overwhelming and really hold up the process. This makes it more likely that we will lose sight of the overall goal and never get anything accomplished.

Here’s a perfect example: You’re looking at updating the backyard by extending the patio space and adding a cover, all while keeping some grass for a balanced landscape. Here are some options:

  • Start with your concrete footprint. Account for kitchen/bar space if desired, table space, and or lounging areas
  • Establish what portion you would like to be covered and how. Are you looking for an open type arbor structure or a all-weather shingle type structure? (many people get caught trying to account for how the structure will tie back into their existing home or attach itself. Don’t do this. Leave that up to the contractor to work through with you).
  • Now that you have your patio footprint and cover worked out, move into the remaining space and account for how much turf or sod you would like to be left with. Then, look into the landscaping aspects of softening up the space.

There will always be options to weigh out and details to review. Stick to the big picture when trying to create the vision, and it may surprise you how quickly it can come together. If not, there’s a wealth of knowledge among our more experienced local contractors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to three or four, and let their design teams go to work with you.

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