5 Things To Do – To Help Save the Earth

The Earth is our home, and we only have one! While pollution and deforestation are huge issues, there are easy ways to help keep our earth clean and healthy. The best part? You don’t have to empty your wallet or change your lifestyle to do it!

Eat Local- Choose to buy your groceries at a local farmer’s market. If there isn’t one near you, search for brands based in your area. When you purchase from local farmers, the produce doesn’t have to travel far to the store – which means less pollution and a cleaner planet.

Be Kind to Bugs- Wasps have a bad rep, but did you know they’re vital to the environment? Pollinators aren’t just limited to bees – wasps, hornets, butterflies, beetles, ants, and even some birds all contribute to the fertilization of countless plants. Some bugs may look scary, but if they aren’t posing a threat, try relocating them rather than exterminating them. This can help preserve your area’s biodiversity! If you’re unsure about a critter, use an insect identification tool.

Choose to Reuse- Metal straws and special Tupperware are cool, but there’s no need to purchase a new item if you have plenty of reusable items at home! Save plastic straws and cutlery when you eat out, then wash and use them again. Reuse plastic tubs from deli meats to store leftovers or as reusable takeout containers! Use clothes pins or binder clips as an alternative to chip clips, and keep your glass or plastic jars for storing items later. 

Plant Wisely- When embarking on your gardening journey, consider more than just aesthetics. Your plant choices can significantly impact local ecosystems. Choose plant species native to your area — they’ve adapted to the climate and support local wildlife! Be cautious with invasive species that can upset your environment. Some plants, like mint, while appealing, have aggressive root systems that can overtake neighboring plants. It doesn’t mean you can’t include them — just be strategic by confining them to raised beds or separate areas to avoid unintentional domination. Informed choices about your garden preserve biodiversity and keep your local environment healthy.

Advocate for Change- When we see big businesses not caring about their environmental impact, it can be discouraging. But we can leverage our influence to encourage them to adopt cleaner practices. We can make informed choices by supporting environmentally conscious businesses and advocating for policy changes. Channel your consumer power by choosing products and services from entities committed to sustainability, and actively support environmental advocacy groups that work on a larger scale to influence legislation and hold businesses accountable. By combining our efforts, we can drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Safeguarding our planet doesn’t require drastic lifestyle changes or emptying your wallet. Small, conscious choices in our daily lives can build up and make a significant impact. From supporting local farmers to being mindful of our garden selections and reusing items creatively, each action contributes to a healthier Earth. Additionally, consider supporting organizations dedicated to combating deforestation, overfishing, and waste pollution through donations. As we approach Earth Day on April 22, let’s celebrate every day by incorporating these sustainable practices into our lives. Together, we can create a better future for our only home: Earth.

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