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For someone who didn’t know anything about the world of concrete coating three years ago, Steve and Celeste Waldroop sure are redefining what it means to be quick learners. The happy Roanoke couple and budding entrepreneurs purchased their Garage Force DFW North West franchise in 2020 and have quickly established themselves as the authority in top-quality concrete coating options for everything from residential and commercial garages to outdoor patios and more.

And perhaps the best part — they’ve got repeat customers singing their praises throughout Denton County.

“We’ve developed a nice reputation, especially closer to the 35W corridor, Argyle, and in and around Highland Village, where there’s still a lot of building going on,” Steve said. “Maybe we did the flooring for someone’s outdoor kitchen the first time around, and then they bring us back to do their garage — because they’re so satisfied. It’s a lot more repeat business and word-of-mouth.”

Celeste added, “That’s always refreshing to see word of mouth. It leads to organic growth, and it’s exciting.”

The fact that they provide a custom, finished look for garage flooring is only the tip of the iceberg. Their coatings are perfect for outdoor kitchens, auto shops, doctor’s office waiting rooms, basements, and driveways. On top of that, it’s more than just your standard epoxy coating. Polyurea coatings are about 20 times stronger than epoxy. Garage Force coating systems include full chip, stone series, Medici, metallic, quartz, and solid color — all of which are durable, easy to maintain, slip-resistant, and resistant to abrasions, impacts, and chemicals.

In addition to that, it looks amazing.

“Business is steady, and we couldn’t be happier, Celeste said.

When they’re not working, the Waldroops enjoy spending time with their grown daughters (Lauren and Sydney) and their baby grandson and supporting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Sydney is a brain tumor survivor, so the cause is dear to their family.

For more information on Garage Force DFW North West, including special discounts, please visit their website.

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