Letter From the Editor

The theme of this issue is to celebrate women in business. You know … the top go-getters in the industry; the small-business owners you look at and say, “Wow. They’ve got it all together. How did they become so successful so quickly and with such grace?”

Seeing powerful women leading the charge in a wide range of industries is nothing new these days. But I can promise you that none of it came easy.

The grace, fresh ideas and innovation, and savvy decision-making they now flash with ease started with trepidation, uncertainty about the future, and many unforeseen obstacles. But they never gave up. They clawed their way to the top, ignored naysayers, trusted in themselves, and imagined a world where they’d be calling the shots. And look at them now!

As I sit here scarfing down a chicken salad while trying not to mess up my keyboard as I type, I am reminded that the days of being a young woman in business have passed for me. I’m not going to admit how old I am, but I can promise you I’m not too old to forget where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. From growing up in Canada to moving to Texas to raise a family and start several vibrant businesses, I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have a vision of being the best I could possibly be. It didn’t matter how young I was. I knew what I wanted and went after that proverbial brass ring as hard as I could.

Having our own company, being successful, and surrounding ourselves with amazing female employees who share that dream is a dream come true.

So as you scan the pages of this month’s issue, take a second to really pay attention to the women in business we’ve highlighted. Their stories are sure to inspire.


Thanks for reading!

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